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07-29-2002, 01:44 PM
"[id] software taking action...
Posted on Sunday, July 28 @ 18:01:48 EST by CAL|David

Upon release of the new OGC cheat (available here), many leagues and mods for Quake 3 Arena have been very uptight lately. Wondering whether some players are eligible to stay in the leagues or whether they cheat. With the concern of thousands of Quake 3 Arena players nationwide, the Cyberathlete Amateur League has taken the first stand against the new wave of hackers and cheaters in the game...

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After reporting the new bot to CALeague head administrators, they have managed to contact [id]software and talk to them about it. So far it seems to be going well as the word is, "They are working on it." Most likely by time of QuakeCon 2002, [id] software will be releasing a new point release to try and fix this problem.

As you know so far, there is a petition online being signed by thousands of gamers to show their support of the game and to give [id] software a boost in creating a point release. For all of you who haven't signed yet, you can find it at:


Sign it to help support the Quake 3 Community.

CPMA, of course, the first of all quake 3 mods to take action against the bot. Creating a new 'official' release in hopes of stopping cheating/hacking in the CPMA modification of Quake 3 Arena.

Orange Smoothie Productions is underway in creating a new OSP version for Quake 3 TDM. The new release is days away, but unfortunately will not make it on time for the Double Team Tournament.
Talking to OSP creator a|rhea, here is his simple one sentenced comment:
"a|rhea: well, I definately have a couple things to fight it"

With mod admins taking action in helping to save the game of Quake 3 Arena, the battle against hackers/cheaters seems to be winning in this case. With the combined force of mod admins and [id]software programmers working a new point release, game play will be fair and eligble once again. "


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