View Full Version : I have a question.....

07-29-2002, 08:49 PM
Is it possiable to make the AI so well advanced that their Offence will always crush ya defence?... I just experianced that with a friend... See I made this map right.

Allot of triggers I think 31 triggers.

I made the Jedi Health up to 1700 and they do 90 damage... I gave the My friend some Sith full of health that is 2000.. and damage of 90.. I also gave him some heros... My question is.. can you make the AI So well advanced no matter what you do you still lose? Iam talking about Armies and armies of Jedi Knights/Masters full of health of 1700 and do 90 damage.

See he had to flee to my base since it was well protected.. It had more defenses etc etc.

Reason why it was hard for him was because I band BH's from this map, and most gunnery units.

So can you give me a tip on how to help him?

Also I set the AI Offensive up to 210%... Is that too low?