View Full Version : Q about sabers layout/animation speed

07-30-2002, 02:35 PM
nuts...i posted on a saturday night, and nobody could help me!

im hoping its because it was so busy that day!

1. does anybody know how to change the layout of the saber's blur glow? it seems it has 2 parts...one around the saber, and one around the start of the blade...i saw some textures, but i think its controlled by the sader files? i have no exp. with shaders,
and id like 2 know if its say...poss. 2 add sizes to these?

2.can u change the animation speeds in JK2? by say...making the
medium slashes faster?

if somebody could just help me out, even if u dont know about the blades? could u just help me with shaders(sizes)?