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07-30-2002, 03:27 PM
I have sent you my mod and skinpacks 3 times already 1 at the beginning of the month a week ago and today.....still not there... I know there must be alot of people sending stuff - or you just want to put up the good stuff 1st (Yoda:cool: D00ku:cool: ). Idk maybe I'm just too concerned, or too proud and excited :monkey4: :D. J/w wondering though because some of my friends were joking that is want worthy enough to be on JKII.Net - so I sent the files to JKIIFiles.com... Sorry if I come off a little annoying but this is my first time submitting files :p

Thanks :dev14:

07-30-2002, 03:39 PM
Pyro638 I have the same problem with them too. They never post any of my stuff. I guess my stuff isn't good enough either.:mad:

07-30-2002, 06:48 PM

07-30-2002, 08:38 PM

Hehe I wont give up :D

<JOTD>Jedi Hunter
07-31-2002, 12:09 AM
just post them at a million different locations... and if you guys send me your finished product i would be more then happy use it. These websites dont realize the hard work people put into these things.

<JOTD>Jedi Hunter
07-31-2002, 12:10 AM
lol you should change your name to iceman icepool... lol :)

07-31-2002, 12:52 AM
I hate my comp. the last few times i hit backspace it it goes back to where i was.....w/e, lol iceman.... Ill send you the updated versions tomorrow.

<JOTD>Jedi Hunter
07-31-2002, 02:00 AM
sounds good man. I look forward to it. Ben is coming along nicely. Having a snag with the back of the head but... nothing I can't fix with a little elbow greese. Anyways, take it easy fellas.

07-31-2002, 02:03 PM
Your'e not going to get the attention of the file manager in a skinning forum. Contact them MORE directly.