View Full Version : Gimp help???

[supa] jedi
07-30-2002, 08:14 PM
I need help i want to put a skin on a model from milkshape. But when i save my model it is only a .ms3d and gimp doesnt support that. So how am i spose o put skins on it??? Please help me thanx.

Pics of my models:

07-30-2002, 08:29 PM
SWEEEEEEEET GUN MAN!!!!!!! Yea I tried gimp, I think it sucks - REALLY sucks.......sry I cant help:(

[supa] jedi
07-30-2002, 10:01 PM
Hey thanks umm what would u recommend and can u give me the url???

[supa] jedi
07-30-2002, 10:03 PM
U have some really good skins o yeah with the program u might tell me about can u use milkshape w/ it?