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Twisted Vertex
08-01-2002, 01:41 AM
Quick question, In my model I have created caps. I applied my meshsmooth "modifer" afterwards and the caps stick out. I was curious to know, do these show up in game? when I apply a mesh smooth to the caps they go away, can i just do that?

they go away because they form back up with the mesh, So i am curious to know...is this legal?...ya know, proper.

Darth Vigrid
08-01-2002, 01:55 AM
I don't think that your caps should stick out even when a mesh smooth modifier is applied to them.

08-01-2002, 01:56 AM
No...if you're going to mesh smooth your model, you should do the caps AFTER you meshsmooth. If you do them before you meshsmooth, well, you encounter the problem you have right now.

So, reattach all limbs, meshsmooth, resegment then recap and all should be good.