View Full Version : Voice actor needed for part of Kyle in 'Prison'

08-02-2002, 10:52 PM
I'm fairly near the end of my SP map 'Prison', and there is a shortish cut-scene at the end, I'm trying to increase the importance plot plays in my maps. I could do with a voice actor who can do a good Kyle voice for this map, and hopefully more maps in future that follow the storyline. If anyone is interested please send a few samples of you doing kyle impressions to kengo10@lycos.com and I'll send a reply, and some lines if I think the voice sounds right

Please send the voice samples in mp3 format.

Also, if anyone else would like to be a voice actor for other parts in later maps then feel free to send me a few speech samples and I'll keep them in mind when there other characters need a voice! :)