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08-03-2002, 03:52 AM
I played RM teams and we won but didn't really help because I managed to make an army right before the last person surrenderd how do you make an army quick?? (CC version):fett:

08-03-2002, 04:32 AM
Since the release of the patch, when you need heavy trooper upgrade, its been slowed down to prevent games that just focus on trooper wars.

If you watch some recorded games from Mr Fixit Online (see our links section for a direct link) you will see that most experts build 2 or even 3 Trooper Centres. This of course doubles or triples output of units.

In order to do this, you will need a lot of workers on carbon. However, since the release of the patch, using Strike Mechs is a good way of beating your enemy down.

Build a handful of troopers to help you incase you get rushed by Mounties or other troopers. To help defend, build a Turret close to your carbon workers, as this is the first place most people will attack to slow you down.

If you can hit T3 early, without making many upgrades, sending in Strike Mechs into an enemies base can do serious damage. Strike Mechs can now kill troopers in just 2 shots.


08-04-2002, 04:46 PM
The most important thing to realize is that building 2-3 xtra troopers wont ruin your econ, but in might save the day if you get rushed. I usually have 20-30 troopers guarding my base in T2/T3, even leave them there in T4 as well. They can handle an apprentice+trooper rush, as well as the occassional pummel drop with a little micromanagment.

Fast teching or a strong econ is for you to pick, I usually get alot of carbon workers in the beginning T1, around 15 on carbon, 5-10 on food(5<X<10 if I have a full nursery), which helps me drop down those important tech level buildings.

As for Trooper Centers, go for 2 in the beginning, it wont over-burden your carbon production, but it will offer adequate trooper production for a nice little trooper war if your opp starts it.

BTW, if you seriously intend to play RM, you must realize that you WILL lose almost EVERY game in the beginning, but each game you will learn something new, and eventually you will be an inter, climbing torward the xpert ranks. When I was playing AoK, I didnt win a game in a month, but after I picked up a few tricks... :D

Just dont forget to ask why did you lose after the games, it helped me alot. And good luck in your RM career, its a great aspect of the game, the best IMHO. :)