View Full Version : Best Saber Modification?

08-03-2002, 12:02 PM
right, i'm getting a little frustrated with all these jedi(*insert name here*) mods. i've tried so many and found myself hitting brick walls with all of them. Jedi-enhancers for example. Has the duel-bladed sabers, but no duel sabers. others make the fighting more like single player and are good in that respect, but don't have the aforementioned duel-bladed/double sabers mods.

can someone just indicate to me the best mod out there that has both duel sabers and double bladed sabers, and is relatively easy to use (like having a frontend). I'm sick of searching, installing and finding out i need a list of commands to get it working. sorry, but i'm in a grumpy and impatient mood. thanks for any suggestions.