View Full Version : glitches in newest patch/update?

08-03-2002, 01:28 PM
not sure if anyone else is seeing these problems or not so i thought id let you know.

if your yoda. and you change to a taller person. you become gigantic. i picked chewie and wound up being kyle and i wasnt even standing on the ground i was a little above it.

you get an error messege in the console during gameplay saying - RE_Register Model: R_AllocModel () failed for 'models/weapons2/saber_/saber_w.glm' - and everone meets at a certain point, puts away their saber and just stands there doing nothing until you kill 1 or more of them then they come back to life.

when a bot throws a saber. it becomes invisible until reaching back to the bots hand.

not always when you restart the game does your saber color stay the same. i start and its blue. but if i just open up the saber color in the options and go back to the game it changes.

if you have two sabers and you die. you begin again with those two sabers. but if you have a dualblade saber and die it restarts you with only one so you are forced to type it in again. also your stance doesnt stay the same after you die.

i guess you cant make a black saber? putting the colors all the way either way on the RGB scale make it white.

FYI i was in ffa mode during these checks. duel doesnt have a couple of them.

anyone have any to add?

if/when i find some more or remember them ill post them.

Darth Patronus
08-03-2002, 01:34 PM
I get about 1 minutes play and then the game disconects and i get an error message

08-03-2002, 02:37 PM
Wrong forum....

But anywas, the spawning problem is because of your origin point. This might be fixed in later versions of JediMod, but if not, you have to suicide. The saber problem is because you aren't using mod-compatible sabers (recompile them with the right paths).