View Full Version : Ideas for JediMod 1.3

08-05-2002, 07:45 AM
Well Dest, first I'll start by saying you've done a great jon on the mod so far! Same goes tchouky! You guys rock :D

I thought it might be smart if these ideas get concentrated in a single place, and I think Kman doesn't like this kinda stuff in the modelling forum, which is understandable.

Personally I think these are good ideas:
First, changes to stances. The two extra saber styles to the original normal sabers are pretty much useless, and mid battle when switching styles it becomes quite cumbersome... So in my opinion there should be a way to turn these off.
When only one out of two sabers is on (Either on dual blade or a dual saber) should give you some sort of an extra advantage, like a blue stance as extra, or perhaps it'll disable the defense penalty on the dualsaber and speed penalty on the dualblade.
Personally, I think that dualsaber needs to be consisted only from one hand swinging animation, so that the sabers won't be swung together, and the dualblade should be more about side swinging then special moves and forward slashes, because as you can see, if you could damage yourself you'd be slice in a matter of seconds.

Second (and I really don't know if this is possible, because I've noticed SP and MP coding are VERY diffrent) is there a way to implement a co-op mode? Would rock :D

These are my ideas so far, I've had some more but those are even more of a rough draft then the ones above.

If anyone has any extra suggestions\comments... :D