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Kent H
08-06-2002, 07:24 PM
This is a long post, so bear with me.

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I am able to edit basic bot entry stuff in a standard, non-modded game, such as saber color and name. I know to go into the assets0.pk3 and extract the bots.txt file, open it up, etc. Then add it to a new .pk3 file, say individualbotsabers.pk3, and stick it into the base folder and viola, altered bots. I have gotten this to work with no problems. I would assume, though I haven't tried it yet, that I could even create new entries (before the "@STOPHERE" entry), point the model line to a team skin for one of the base models, and then I would have a team skin bot in a non-team game.

What I need help with is doing the same thing with player made models and mods.

First, what do I put in the personality line? I assume it would be mostly the same; for example say for Tyranus I would put /botfiles/gl_dooku.jkb, right? However, do I have to put in something else before /botfiles, like the model name, or even the different game directories?

Second, and more importantly, I'm having trouble getting the mod file to even work in a modded game, specifically Jedimod 1.2. As you probably know, in Jedimod 1.2 you can use different hilts, 1 saber, 2 sabers, a doublesaber, or 2 doublesabers, and you can alter the rgb color scheme for blades. So what I am trying to do is exactly what I did in the first paragraph, except add in the appropriate lines for the Jedimod options, to really customize the bots in my game. And I want to do this as a seperate file, instead of directly altering the Jedimod file itself, since that would register as an impure file when connecting to a server. I've done the file editing, but I can't get it to work.

So, this is what I've done so far. First I took the bots.txt file and altered some of the entries to hopefully customize them the way I want. Then I packed it up, put it in the JediMod folder, and tested it out. Nothing, no changes. So I put it in the base folder, same results. Then I figured I was packing wrong, leaving out the directory folder when packing. I tried it out again, and again no change. Then I realized I was using the /botfiles folder, when I should (I think) use the /scripts folder. When I tried that, the bots for all the base (Raven made) models did not show up in the bot list in-game. At all. The bots for player made models showed up, without any changes. This was after putting it it in the Jedimod folder. Now let me clarify something. The Raven bots showed up in a normal game, but when I loaded JediMod they disappeared. So, I put the file in the base folder. Exact same results except the Raven bots were gone in a normal game and show up after loading JediMod.

So, does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong, or what I should do, for either problem? Am I even making any sense :confused: ?

Also, and I don't know if this in any way is important to this, but in the bots.txt file I included a blank template entry at the very beginning of the file, that looks something like this:

//blank template, remove // from { through personality, plus }, to make work (// tells computer to ignore line)
//Put all bot info BEFORE the one labeled "@STOPHERE"
//name //Put bot's name in quotes
//model //put name of model here
//color1 //Saber colors if not using tck_colors
//tck_saberred //red value 1
//tck_sabergreen //green value 1
//tck_saberblue //blue value 1
//tck_saberred2 //red value 2, delete line if not used
//tck_sabergreen2 //green value 2, delete line if not used
//tck_saberblue2 //blue value 2, delete line if not used
//tck_doublesaber //0= normal, 1= doubleblade, 2= 2sabers, 3=2 doubleblades
//hilt //for hilt 1, put hilt name in quotes
//hilt2 //for hilt 2, put hilt name in quotes, delete line if not used
//personality /botfiles/.jkb //filepath for bot AI, usually model name.jkb (put name between / and .jkb)
// is attached to //Emotional attachments for the bot
//blank template

If I understand correctly the // should make the game completely ignore this, so I don't think it's causing any problem, but if it is please tell me.

08-07-2002, 01:39 AM
If you add user skins, don't change bots.txt.
Contrary to what it might seem, bots.txt stays in the botfiles folder, and new entries that you would put in the scripts folder must end in .bot, and if they have the right format (which you can see in bots.txt), then they reference the personality just as you assumed. Make sure the model referred to in the .bot file has the same name as the folder of the model you want to refer to.

Kent H
08-07-2002, 11:27 PM
Thanks a lot! It's working just right now! :D