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08-08-2002, 10:13 AM
Recently, while attempting to visit dig.mixnmojo.com, I found that quite a few of the "something.mixnmojo.com" sites do not work, at least for me.

Instead, I get the following message:

"This is the placeholder for domain --something.mixnmojo.com--.
If you see this page after uploading site content you probably have not replaced the index.html file.

This page has been automatically generated by PleskServer Administrator."

The ones that do not work include The Definitive MI Website, DOTTcom, dig.mixnmojo.com, monkeyguide.mixnmojo.com, Imuse Island, The Michael Land Home, The Monkeys are Listening, Mediocre Entertainment, RoBOT, Weevil's AA, all the Game Guides, the Monkey Clan Fan Club, the Actor's Archive, and LucasMacs.

On the bright side, I had this problem yesterday with the MIAC, and now I don't, so that's encouraging.

Is this related to that server move, or is it some other form of WWW evil?

BTW, are there any plans to revive Mojo Downloads, or will all of our hosted sites have to go without anyplace for MP3's and stuff?
Please, bring back Mojo Downloads soon!

08-19-2002, 06:05 PM
Hey you guys! Are you even listening?

It's been 11 days and still no response. I'm beginning to think you don't even care when your own sites are down.

Of course, if you have been listening, please disregard my rants and keep working to fix it.

08-24-2002, 12:51 PM
Well, for whatever reason, the sites seem to be more or less fixed now. Thanks for listening.

PS...sorry about the last post, but I was beginning to wonder if the sites would ever be fixed. Now they are, so I'll shut up...at least until they go down again. ;)