View Full Version : Awesome RA2 Mod! A must have for all RA2 fans!!!

09-10-2001, 08:46 PM
The best part about this mod is that you can run it or not run it without changing ANYTHING. You have to enter RA2 through another file to do the mod. If you run it regularly, then it will still be good as new! Go to this site and download the file that says lite version. Then unzip it and copy all the unzipped files from it to your RA2 folder. Simply run CNCBlend.bat and wait for the RA2: Aftermath banner to come up. (BTW You can make a shortcut of Aftermath.exe or CNCBlend.bat on your desktop if you want. I recommend doing the .exe file though.) And now without further adue: http://www.cncgames.com/mod_ra2aftermath.shtml!

Note: I recommend that you download the official RA2 patch here: http://westwood.ea.com/games/ccuniverse/redalert2/english/updates.html There are cool map packs to download there too. :D

Hope this has been fun and helpful. :D

09-10-2001, 09:07 PM
I still like the DeeZire Mod better Thrawn. Sorry:)