View Full Version : Build times and Tech Ups.

Gerwi Sagre
08-10-2002, 08:40 PM
I need some help with my build orders and such. My best time to Tech 2 is seventeen minutes and twenty-nine seconds. To me that seems to low.. Here's what I usually do..

1 worker to carbon, one to food, one build a prefab(goes to food)
Scout looks for resources, nerfs, and enermy base
build four workers ( 2 to carbon, 2 to food), have one food worker build a food proc. center/ Nursery(depending on how many nerf(if any are found).

Build Carbon processing center, a worker, and a Troop center (when able)

Put more workers on carbon, build a prefab and a power core.

Build 2 to 5 troops, and a nersery when able.

Build three Mounties,

Start working towards tech 2, putting workers on Nova, and building a few more troups/mounties.

Tech up, start ore mining, build require structures (Mech Factory, War Center, Jedi Temple) and continue.

Any idea's? I normally play republic, rebels, confederacy, and Empire.

08-11-2002, 11:19 AM
Most people with a fair bit of MP experience will tell you that you shouldn't leave tech I without any less than 25 workers (I usually shoot for 25, though I may jump early if my opponents have and I'm being rushed). Similarly, you probably shouldn't bother hitting nova until you hit tech II, or just before you hit it. Focus your workers on carbon and food.

While it is certainly possible to jump to tech II faster, having the workers to begin with makes the later tech jumps quicker and gives you a stronger basis for rushing/defending. Don't worry TOO much about getting out of tech I too quickly. Incidently, I don't build mounties in tech I unless there is an enemy right next to me and attacking it would provide a definite advantage. Even then, I'll usually only send in one with laser troopers support.