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08-19-2002, 11:54 AM
Because Lucasarts in all their wisdom did not give the scenario editor a nice tutorial or anything.....I NEED HELP!!!

First let me briefly describe the scenario I am making, then let me give you all some of my problems and see if you can help me. I have several questions, but I'll ask just a few at a time here.

My scenario is called, for now, "Islands." It consists...surpirse surprise...of 8 major islands that serve as home bases for the 8 different civs, plus 9 "mini-islands" with various other special features. I have also disabled Bothan Spynet, as well as ALL air and anti-air units, buildings, and techs. Each island has limited space to build, but already has a troop center, a shipyard, a fortress, a command center, some prefab shelters, at least 4 workers and 4 trawlers, a sea transport, a light frigate, and at least one hero unit of some sort. Each island also has a turret or two to protect its harbor. There are also various special features on each island, such as a palace for the naboo, a jedi temple for the Republic, an extra shipyard for the Gungans, an animal shelter with a few animals for the Confeds....etc. Players start with a rather large amount of resources already in their stash (2500 each of Carbon and Food, 1000 each of Nova and Ore) but they will need it all because the islands have only moderate resources.

The goal of the map is to create a situation in which players MUST build a strong navy in order to invade and control each others islands and resources and thus win the game. With no air, players will have a very different type of battle to fight, plotting their course carefully to lead major naval strikes....something very few players are particularly skilled at.

Anyway, to lead into my first question....as mentioned above, I have several mini-islands scattered about. They are as follows:
1. a volcanic island with a Trandoshan base and captured Wookies
2. a "Tatooine" island with Jabba's Palace, a small desert town, and Tusken and Jawa encampments
3. a "Dagobah" island with Yoda's hut and Yoda himself, plus some gundarks
4. a forested island with an Ewok village and lots of trees for carbon
5. a "Nar Shadda" island with sleazy underworld stuff like bounty hunters and thugs
6. a Lando-controlled island with mining stuff and lots or Ore
7. an agricultural island with lots of food stores and nerf herds, plus some soldiers to guard it all
8. a pirate island with tropical trees...heavily fortified with tons of treasure in the center
9. a Sith Ruins island with temples and crumbling jungle ruins...an ancient sith master guards a huge holocron treasure here

Those are all the mini islands....I want special events to happen when someone arrives on each island, and I want the "residents" of each island to behave in certain ways. Here are some questions numbered by island...any help would be much appreciated.
1. How do I make captive Wookies in a pen that join whatever player frees them? I also want all the Trandoshans on this island to viciously fight anyone who sets foot on their shores, not join them...
2. I want the Tuskens to not join anyone but always fight every player they encounter, the Jawas to join whatever player first enters their camp and stay permanently with that player, and Jabba's forces to join the armies of the first player to send a cargo hovercraft to trade with Jabba's Tatooine Spaceport, but fight anyone else that lands.
3. I want Yoda to join the player who kills of the gundarks....while I'm at it, how do I make little dialogue so that a player knows what to do when they talk to yoda?
4. I want the Ewoks to permanently join the Wookies, Rebels, Republic, Gungans, or Naboo...but fight off the Empire, Confeds, or TF.
5. I want the Bounty Hunters to be purchasable....you walk up to Boba Fett and pay a fee and he's yours. I also want the various thugs to join the Empire, Confeds, or TF but fight the other civs.
6. I want Lando to fight anyone who tries to mine his resources or attack him, but remain neutral until then.
7. I want the troops to fight anyone who tries to take their food or attack them, but stay neutral until then.
8. I want the pirates to fight ALL tresspassers.
9. I want the sith master to fight anyone who tries to take the holocrons...I also want to make him super powerful, so it takes a lot to destroy him...how do I do that? And if he's killed, I want the island to change to a pretty state with a nice Jedi temple for the player that beat him.

I know that's a lot, but any help would be hot.

08-19-2002, 08:59 PM
If you make them owned by Gaia, and make a trigger with the condition of someone landing on the island, don't know how to do that yet, but I'm still trying, and make the effect change ownership that jsut might do it. The only way I know how to do this is by making 8 triggers all with the same condtion and effect, but you change who the Wookies belong to. If think that you might also have to add the effect "disable trigger" and disable all of the others or you couldplace an area so that it only changes those Wookie troopers/whatever in only that area.

Jethro, did that help?

08-19-2002, 09:02 PM
If you make 8 triggers and set the condition to destroy object and set it to the Sith, then the effect would be create object, I think, and you make another effect and this is to change ownership to whomever defeats the Jedi.

Jethro, didn't do that well this time

08-19-2002, 09:08 PM
If you make ___conditions (Depending on the number of Gundarks) all for destroy object. Set one for each Gundark. Make the effect change ownership so that Yoda changes to whatever side.

Jethro, I don't know any others, have you noticed that these questions aren't normally answered?

08-21-2002, 11:09 AM
Um..thanks I guess. The editor is damn frustrating. It takes a day and a half and complex work just to get the simplest things to happen....there should just be menus with all the options listed and you could just click what you want. And if you're really into the programming, you could expand on what was provided and make more complex things.

Anyone else out there think that LA made the editor really crappy to use if you're not into programming? They could have given it some tutorials and made it point-and-click simple, but NO....they had to make it awkward to use.

I'm thinking of giving up on the whole scenario if I can't get it to work in the next couple weeks or so. Ugh.

08-21-2002, 12:47 PM
It's really hard to get anything done and it does take forever. Maybe some site will make a tutorial for it.

Jethro, I hope so, it's confusing enough already