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08-20-2002, 07:04 AM
Well, as you may or may not know, yours truly is a Korn Freak,
and now, MTV has a new Korn competition: Direct their next single, alone i break. well i jumped on the opertunity at the second i saw it. (which might explain why my script isnt all that good) but at least i tried.

so any comments about how much i suck or lick or swallow will be greatly apreciated...

P.S, to understand the song, its ofcourse recomended to listen to the song first, so download "Korn - Alone i Break" before reading.

Alone I Break
Treatment By Niko Watts

A boy walks into a room, its dark and just enough light to see what is needed to see. he’s crying for some unknown reason and sits in a corner,
In the first verse he looks sad and plays around with some toys on the floor,
In the 2nd verse he gets mad and throws the toys away and cries,
He picks up a photo album from the corner of the room and looks in it.
It’s filled with painful memories from his childhood. He looks at the photos one by one, and each photo brings us to his mind and we see the memory he has behind the picture. (lyrics :now I see the times they change)
The first picture he looks at is one of him sitting on his fathers lap. The father is smiling. We then see the memory of the child from that photo focus on, (the memories are always seen in a home video camera) we see that the father takes the boy out from his lap, goes in the kitchen and hits the boys mom because she broke a plate by accident, the boy is witnessing all this from the kitchen door. We then see the boy looking at another photo, a photo of the boys birthday party, where he is just about to blow of the birthday candle, we then see the memory, where all his friends take him to a room and beat him up. He then looks at another picture, showing the boy cuddling with a small puppy. In the memory we see the puppy running away from the boy and getting hit by a car, leaving the boy crying.
When the 7th verse, (am i going to leave this place) we see the boy slowly putting the photo album away, standing up and taking a knife to slit his wrist. He hesitates through out the verse, and with the end of the verse (is there something more to come) the boy chooses not to commit suicide and throws the knife away. And sits and looks out the window at the sky.

Through out the video, we also see Korn performing in a dark room where the walls are filled with childhood photos or any photos of everyone in the band.

The intent of this video is hope. A hope for a new day. Like jonathan is singing, “now I see the times they change”. So even though the boy may have had a crappy childhood, suicide isnt the solution, cause his life is still ahead of him and it will change for the better.

so what do you think? Very Korny, or too Corny?