View Full Version : Help!!!! I can't switch identities!

Father Torque
08-20-2002, 11:40 PM
Hi guys, i wanna tell u that the lucas forums are the coolest way for lucas arts fans to communicate and I praise you for your work on constructing and maintaining this massive online community. I do have a problem though. Me and my brother both share this computer station and we both have seperate accounts on the lucas forums. We aren't able now( ever since the site move to log out of our identites) so that the other can go on and write threads. I have been stuck with my identity on now for 2 weeks and i can't get out. Why is this problem occuring even after it says I have logged out and the cookies have been cleared. Whenever I go back to the main index it still shows that I'm logged in. Your help and response on this question of mine is very appreciated and I hope that you continue to have a growing number of users on your site. Well that's it for now. Thank you forums staff!:D