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08-22-2002, 09:59 AM
OK ... first things first. AotC, for me, is one of my absolute fave movies. Right there with TESB, above the rest of the SW films. I'm old enough (36) to have seen all of them in the theaters (except episode 1 ... new baby and such ;) .

So ... I recently found the AotC Audio Book (all *9* CD's) for $19.99 (at a Virgin store in SF when I was visiting last month), so I grabbed it. I had already decided not to get the book until I could get it in paperback, and hadn't planned to get the audio book for $45 ... but at $20,I did.

So, I've been listening to it last week and this week during my commute (~45 min each way), and have some thoughts:

- No surprise about how much more thought and backstory can be conveyed ... definitely good stuff.
- There are some scenes better conveyed visually ... like the ship chase with Jango.
- The Tuscan Camp scene: I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it would have been awesome to see that put into the movie, but ... that would clearly have made it PG-13.
- The scene when Obi is getting ready to go and talking to Mace Windu ... I saw a pre-release 'scriptment' and it didn't seem so lame ... but if it was going to play like that, I'm glad it got cut.
- Likewise the whole Amidala family thing ... boring and awkward ... good backstory, but too long.
- The whole Qui-Gon thing, keeping 'self' within the Force - that was done really well.
- You see much more of the state of the Republic in the book. It makes more sense ... how in less than 25 years things will be so different, How the Jedi order will seem so ancient, as they are now so detached from the galaxy at large and attached to the repuplic core on Coruscant.
- The balance between Anakin's power and Obi-Wan's power is well done here as well. I have always had concerns about them making Ani look powerful by making Obi-Wan lame, but the book avoids that as well as the movie - so much is clearly Anikan's thoughts, feelings and arrogance.
- They explored Anikan's impulsiveness much better in the book by noting others' reactions more fully than is possible in a movie.

In all a good adaptation ...

What do you think?


Darth Damage
08-23-2002, 01:42 AM
sounds great this is an audio/book might have to get this listen to this in my senior english class instead of my boreing teachers!!

08-23-2002, 02:43 AM
I haven't listened to the audio cd's for AOTC. But I did read the book for TPM. I thought it was really good. It gave a lot more development of the characters than the movie did. I'm pretty sure the AOTC one is the same way so I know what your talking about. I actually own the ANH ans ESB books as well. They I think are from a diffrent author, but still give that back info on the story and help you to understand more what's going on that they couldn't fit into the actual movie.

08-23-2002, 07:22 AM
I just finished the Audio Book this morning ...

- I also read TPM, and agree that it was much deeper than the movie ... there was much sub-text to the story. I also own the original trilogy in paperback, but haven't read much of it. A bit of RotJ, not much else ... someday. I will eventually pick up the paperback of AotC as well.

A couple of new observations:
- The music was all obviously done pre-soundtrack, as it is all from the 'lucasfilm sound library' (I've been playing too much JKII ... recognize too much of it ...) The most noticable part is the love theme. Again, I really like that motif, and find it integral to the movie, so not having it at certain points - and indeed having the 'Han Solo and the Princess' theme instead, is a bit of a disappointment and distraction.

- The whole subtext of the duality of thinking is wonderfully pulled together, even to the end, in a way that is just hinted at in the movie. The jedi don't think highly of the republic senate or the senators, believing them corrupt ... but although they see the dark side at work, they have a hard time reconciling that to the notion of the Dark Lord of the Sith controlling hundreds of Senators, as Dooku says.

Good Audio Book ... highly recommended. I still wouldn't have paid $40 - 50, as I've seen it priced at since then, but I'm very glad I was able to grab it for $20!