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08-22-2002, 07:23 PM
My name is Madmartigan and this is my first posting on the Lucas Forums.:D Before i talk about anything, I want to say hi to all of you and I hope that I get to know all of you by reading and replying to your posts.:)
I've seen some of your guyses post counts and I wanna tell you that it is an honor to be online with a group of such dedicated people! I love Star Wars, and it is obvious that everyone here does too. Well I gotta talk about something, so I guess I'll make a poll for everyone!:D
There is a lot of talk over whether Jedi's or Mercenary's "Gun toaters" are the bigger strength in Jk2. I myself prefer to use a saber (Red Stance all the way!) but sometimes I can't help wippin' one of those big bad heavy repeaters and going buck wild. But if we took the best gunner and best jedi master that play jk2 online, and let them fight, who do you think would claim victory?:fire3: :slsaber:
I don't really know? I think that a good Jedi might be able to prevail over a mercenary, but maybe I'm wrong. What is your opinion? Take the poll, and then share why you chose either a jedi or a mercenary.
Once again, I'm really happy to be part of this online community and I hope I can write some real good posts.
Thanx for reading :cheers:

Homosexual Ewok
08-22-2002, 07:33 PM
Glad to see some new people.

In a large FFA type game I would say a gunner.
One on one, I have to go with the Jedi.

But it really always comes down to the best player, gun or sabers.

08-23-2002, 06:10 AM
welcome to the bbs Madmartigan:)

08-24-2002, 06:39 AM
Welcome to the Swamp.

Oh that's right were not in the swamp, though we should be. :rolleyes:

08-24-2002, 05:56 PM
Originally posted by -=Chi3f=-
Welcome to the Swamp.

Oh that's right were not in the swamp, though we should be. :rolleyes:

if it was a reg "meet and greet" thread, it would be, but he has been lucking for a while...

he managed to give it a jkii topic.

welcome! I am one of your frendly mods here, and at the swamp.

hope you enjoy your stay!