View Full Version : Kill Trackers? Do they threaten the integrity of the game?

08-23-2002, 04:26 AM
Hello guys! Hey I have a kill tracker myself that I use to kind of keep track of the destruction I have caused :D :deathii:
But I try never to use the option to display a prewritten sentence after I have beaten someone. Granted, I used to:rolleyes: . But as I have become a better player and more mature in the way I play the game, I have discouraged myself from using them because there is no point but too really tell others the # kill they are in my collection. In fact i have even thought of deleting my kill tracker:toilet1: and sending it down the toilet for good.
I just think that each battle that you fight should be epic and you should strive to compete because you enjoy it, and not too see if you can reach 500 frags in a week! Every battle, every duel, should be a quality one and each one is unique with it's high points and low poins; a kill tracker just binds them all together as worhtless numbers. I remember my best and worst duels and I don't want to make them into numbers! After all, winning is great, but not nearly as valueable as the enjoyment you get from playing! :lsduel:
What do you think about kill trackers? Do they threaten the integrity of this game, or are they a cool way to keep track of your successes and to set goals, for winning more and more fights? Let's hear it from the people that use em' and those who don't.:aobi: :jango: :thrawn2: :dtrooper:
Later, Madmartigan :guard:

Rad Blackrose
08-23-2002, 10:59 AM
Posted a somewhat similar thread on Multiplayer Strategy. Should be along the lines of "Get a Clue, Kill Tracker is..."

08-23-2002, 11:32 AM
Yeah.. If anyone on my server with kill tracker with my new mod i just silence them.. ask them to turn it off then unsilience them.

only one person didnt turn it off instead they just left.

its really annoying because:

1) noone cares what number of kills you have
2) the chat screen is small in jk2. we dont need extra bogus chat.

in tribes there was the same thing. but since chat windows was bigger it wasn't as annoying. of course in competition this was illegal as you should never global chat during matches.

btw.. i found a chat screen size for jk2 (similiar to q3a engine) but it doesnt seem to affect the number of lines in chat while your playing. does anyone know if this is possible to change in jk2?

here is the var that seems to not work:

cg_teamChatHeight "8" (defaults to 3 but I would like at least 8)

this variables seems to work though:

seta con_notifytime "6"

this just sets the time of how long the chat stays up. of course only 3 lines it gets bumped so fast.

anyways.. would be nice if we could get that one figured out.


08-24-2002, 04:48 AM
they're just annoying, IMO. To me, it's a form of unwarranted gloating.

08-24-2002, 05:37 AM
kill trackers=newbie spam