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Darth Eggplant
08-24-2002, 01:10 AM
something I wonder about
in year one
just a small Flower Noir
point really,
Hector sprouts Don.
let's see, well in
The Maltese Falcon
Mr Gutman aka the Fat Man
has two associates,
a small surly fellow named
Wilma, and the wonderfully
oily Mr. Cairo.
now in most film noir films,
the big man Hector
is the sort who always has
a goon waiting in the wings
for just such a purpose.
now Hector Don and Domino
meet in Don's dark curtain
drawn room, obviously because
Hector does not wish to be seen
so if Hector does not want to be
seen it means he does not want
to be implicated,
and so would he shoot Don?

Now if Hector had a Mr. Cairo
with him , then Mr. Cairo
would do the dirty work.
but since he did not have
a Mr. Cairo present
would Hector shoot Don,
implicating himself
in front of a witness?

I think not.

I think it should have played out
with Hector explaining to Don
that he was angry,
he could get angry,
and incompetance
especially at the top
is not to be tolerated.
and so I think he should have
explained to Don that Don was
in charge, and that Don was
to stupid to be in charge
and was becoming a liability.
And to teach Domino and Don
a valuable lesson,
Hector would have Don sprouted.
BUT Hector should of as he spoke
to Don. causually extended the gun
towards Domino.
such a dramatic device teaches:

incompetance and stupidity
is punishable by death.

promotion occurs through Darwinism.

and Loyalty is shown
at the point of a sword,
and it's a gamble but
If I (Hector) hand the gun
to my lieutenant,
will he shoot me
or will he follow instructions?

it is also a cruel pleasure
(a luxury of the rich and powerful)
and poetic irony to watch
Don's face as Domino
his subordinate
usurps him.

AND it gives Hector
leverage against Domino.
part of the code.
I ordered a hit,
you carried it out,
yes bad me for thinking it
but even badder you for doing it.

at any rate it is how Lucasarts
made the game, I just would have
liked to have seen my Flower Noir
version of events transpire.