View Full Version : Cookie/Session Timeouts

08-25-2002, 03:52 AM
To forum admin: Could you please increase the user session timeouts to 1 day or so (current value = 15 minutes?) so that my login does not time out while I'm typing in the text or AFK (so that I have to log in again).

Also, if the session does time out like that, and I'm taken to login screen upon hitting "Submit", after logging in, theoretically my reply/new thread should be submitted at redirect. But in practice, I get an error message saying "No thread specified", and have to use browser's Back button twice and hit Submit again. Albeit it works in Opera which I am using, that won't work with Netscape 4 because it will clear the form if you use Back button, and the user will have to retype all the text again (which can be quite annoying, especially if it was a long post).

That's an obvious bug with all the vBulletin forums i've seen so far, but it's something obvious like login redirect screen forgetting to pass the POST data into the redirect URL. Should be pretty straightforward and easy to fix, although no one actually bothers to do that.