View Full Version : Is JK2 dead/dying?

08-27-2002, 07:22 AM
In the last week, there have been little to no new mods/skins/models/maps etc for JK2. The skins that are released are rehashes of that Tyrion model or whatever. Online gameplay is getting boring with people spamming moves, complaining if they die and all in all, ruining the game because they think winning is everything.

Single Player is dead, more or less, once you finish the game. There are only so many times you can play the levels over and over. There have been a few nice SP fan-levels, but nothing to write home about. There have been no noteworthy SP mods, due to the whole lack of code that Raven has provided to the fan base. A new saber or player model is about as good as it gets and there's only so many you can use, before it gets tired and old.

Do you think the game is dead? Do you think it's dying? If so what do you think can be done to save it? It's a great game but nowadays, a game is only as good as it's expansions. Look at Half Life. It going strong 4 years later for only one reason. Counter Strike. When will JK2 get it's Counter Strike?