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08-27-2002, 12:46 PM
I'd be interested to see what people have to say on the subject of Monkey Island fan fiction. I'm personally not a big fan of it, and stand somewhere between Captain Mystery (http://www.scummbar.com/resources/articles/read.php?in=9) and PC Gamer's view (http://www.scummbar.com/imageviewer/imageviewer.php?useimage=/images/upload/fanficsux.jpg) - most of what I've read seem to remove the humor from the original series, and replace it with something that's... not very funny... and rarely well written. Not to diss fanfic authors or anything, as they're probably a lot more creative than me... Anyway, any views?

08-27-2002, 01:05 PM
I agree. Personally, I've yet to read any decent MI Fan Fiction. Too often, it's written with too personal a taste in humor, missing the broad audience that the MI games catered to. The story typically just barely flows, the writing when insipid attempts at humor aren't being thrown at you tends to be rancid, blah. They're a waste of time, both to the author and the reader.

Yes, there is far worse fan fiction out there, like A-Team slash fiction. That does not mean that you have any reason to write garbage while attempting to top it.

08-27-2002, 03:27 PM
I'm on the bandwagon here. I never thought that the Monkey Island games had great storylines (excluding maybe #2), but they certainly manage to keep the game humorous and involving with clever dialogue. Fanfics tend to focus more on the story than the actual humour, which lets them down.

08-27-2002, 07:28 PM
Umm... bad, I guess. I'm confused by the question, what do you want to know?

08-27-2002, 08:40 PM
Depends. If an MI fanfic is too humourous it doesn't capture the subtle humour of the games.

If it's too serious then you're put off by the OOC characters.

I've always preferred MI fanfics that end up being a prologue to the series itself. Some are pretty interesting. Or how a character got involved in the series from the start.

I generally stray away from parodies and fics that contain new characters, just not my taste. *Shrugs* Same goes for lemon fiction.

08-29-2002, 02:30 AM
I like the novelizations of the games.
It's like reading a book, but we've played the game first. :)

I'm almost finished with the Zak McKracken novelization now, a few pages left. And I think *wow! This is awsome!*


08-29-2002, 07:27 PM
Hooray, a fan! Glad you liked it :)

09-10-2002, 09:05 PM
Well, I don't really think they were all that great, usually fanfics aren't. (I'm glad to see there's some like me who don't care for it all that much!) I'm sure there's some good ones out there, but I tried to read a couple of the ones posted on world of mi and found them so terrible (sorry!) that I didn't really want to continue. I agree with most of the other posters on this thread, the stories take away from the games humor and are kind of self serving. I looked at them, expecting to see a sort of continuation on the game. But what I found was a (again sorry!) pretty badly written & poorly edited story that didn't have much to do with the game, except very vauge plot points and the basic characters (who seemed to act out of character!) What I'd like to see more, would be something very similar to the game, (although some might argue the fanfics are very similar) and perhaps explain a little further some "crucial" points, such as why Guybrush has a porcelin phobia...maybe I'm just being dumb but it seems there's not enough of it out htere. hope to see some improvements! :D

09-12-2002, 10:23 AM
I don't have any problems with the idea of fanfics, but I've yet to read a good one. I mean, the first one I tried to read had Guybrush acting all serious and concerned. That's not Guybrush. Ever.

09-12-2002, 11:05 AM
But to me Guybrush seemed to change so much from MI 1 and 2 in CMI and EMI. As long as it reads well, I don't see that there's anything bad about using your imagination with the characters.

I know there are some great writers in this community. They just need to be... nudged a bit to do something.

Governor Phatt
09-12-2002, 02:03 PM
I've never really read any fan fics... i read a MI novel that was on the Scumm bar, but i dunno if thats still there.. that was ok...

And of course Hi Jinxes, which i was surprised at how good the quality is...

But i dont see anything wrong with them... its just another form of fan work, and if we can have fan art and games, then why not stories?

09-13-2002, 05:24 AM
There's a kind of an uncomfy feeling a person can get when they read and see articles, posts and opinions about the quality of a few fanfics wreaking their interest in nearly, every fanfic out there.

It'ld be kind of unnerving because you could also feel that maybe hardly anyone will probably be interested in your story to begin with, especially when groups of individuals claim that because a few they've read were diobolical...Then most others will probably be just as bad anyway. Right?

Nada, that would be pretty unfair.

So while somebody has written something that they felt was a story that maybe a few or dozen MI nutzoids might enjoy reading/have a grumble about.
The story usually ends up going unnoticed or unread and leaves the wannabe-(pirate)-writer in some sort of creative-limbo; wondering wether they should even bother writing any more on the chosen storyline/subject. O_o

I've read at -least- five *Monty-Python/Fawlty Towers*style MI fanfics that were and still are worth reading, (But that's just the preference of humour I like reading, *to each to their own*)

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have at -least- two faves in both the mojo-fiction and WoMI archives, they're not all cancerous. Geez...
Criticism is needed on an individuals piece of work/piece of crap, because it's fun to share ideals. It's better than forever being stuck with the experience and memories of fanfics that make you squint, wince or twitch.

I feel that It's just not worth following others opinions until you've seen their work for yourselves, there might be a slight chance those people are missing out on a few interesting outlooks and even considerable or laughable plothole fillers.

I'm sorry if you guys feel that I've rambled on about this, but I didn't join the MI communty because I wanted to share close-minded opinions about why 'most' MI fanfics/Fanart/FanScripts/Fanmusic and whatever are a waste of thought, it doesn't matter what type of fanmedia it is, it's worth checking out at least and giving opinions later, ne?

Ah well, I'll keep reading anyways... :doo1:

09-17-2002, 01:04 AM
Just because there is a lot of bad fan fiction doesn't mean ALL fan fiction is bad.
Of course I have to admit that most of the fan fic I've seen doesn't have the same hillarious humour as the actual games.

Jack the Black
09-17-2002, 03:07 PM
There is always bound to be good fanfics and bad fanfics, and some that can't be fitted into either.

For me most MI fanfics I have read seem to lack the hunour of the games. But there is one which deals with someone's encounter with Murry. A pointless little fic but got Murry just right.

Every now and again there may be a fic that will be a gem amoung the rough and those are worth shifting through the average and bad fics.

09-18-2002, 02:42 AM
I'm currently working on an MI Fan movie. The story is kind of a cross between MI 1 & MI2 but I've tried to make the humour similar to MI3. I have a notebook full of jokes and story ideas for the movie.
I showed my brother (who is also an MI fan) a few scenes and he literally started rolling on the floor laughing... well, he was actually rolling around on my bed ;-) Close enough!

09-19-2002, 05:17 AM
Fan ficts is good for those who likes them. But I'm sorry to include that I'm not one of them.

I like the fan ficts from the 'real' games on LucasFicts.
That's the best! :D

09-20-2002, 05:07 AM
Fan ficts from the 'real' games? What are you talking about? :confused:

09-20-2002, 09:44 AM
I'm guessing he means this (http://lucasfic.mixnmojo.com/novels.htm).

09-20-2002, 01:18 PM
I usually visit Lucasfics and the WoMI archives every month to glance through any new stuff.
Sometimes, if one will keep me occupied for more than 30 mins (At the least.) Then it's worth reading through and possibly something that I'ld recommend to others if it ends up being interesting.

I don't know if anyone else has heard about this yet, but according to a friend of mine - Fanfiction.net is placing or has recently placed a ban over -all- the NC-17 fanfiction in their archives.
I think one of the main arguments was that over 2000+ or more fanfics are based around the Yaoi/Yuri scene alone.

I honestly don't think of it as a good enough excuse for permanent banishment of that genre.
There are too many flaws made in both the attacking and defending views of the protesters and defenders of the NC-17 genre.
I'm not gonna leave my opinion as that though. I hardly get the chance to write out full comments about topics that make me fiesty. 'Tis a rare occasion...
(The last update I heard was that some petition has been made by the adult-fiction readers and writers, so they can have their say on the matter.)

Personally...I purposely avoid any kind of sexually-orientated material, because I simply don't respect any shape and form of pornography.
It's something I don't enjoy seeing/reading and it's easy to avoid.
This is because I disregard that genre through my own choice alone.

I don't have any excuse or right to outwardly condemm something that I find offensive or repelling because I'ld need to have some concrete evidence that would prove I was forced to view something against my will.
But after some discussions with a few FF-Members, I've found that this NC-17 argument has been void as a complaint since the start.

I've hardly seen any comments on that site from readers who actually critique an individual authors work.
I don't know whether they feel that their suggestions and thoughts might break a poor writer's heart through posting an opinion that was too honest and critical...Or, perhaps they just can't be bothered posting any opinions whatsoever. ;/
Even with the very-poorly written, 500 word stories...I still see those type of comments and posts that usually consist of nothing more than -


It also seems that a minority of those regualar visitors; find enjoyment in complaining about fics that were not their cup of tea to begin with.
I'm not even certain that they can notice any of the bold, underlined text warnings that indicate offensive stories underneath the title of each of those fictions.
They probably might even feel that those stories are too repulsive to be read by anyone else...Crikey, they'ld be doing -everyone- a favour there...Yay for worldwide creative freedom! Ban fan-made fiction that the majority of our readers don't like!

*Coughs and puts the sarcasm away for now*

They don't disregard the material itself because if they did then they would choose to ignore it...They disregard the readers who probably find enjoyment in writing/reading about those sort of subjects...
I think this is pretty unfair to other readers and writers who have interests in those fields, it's kinda feels like their rights should be ignored because the majority there don't know how to control what they see.
At least, I hoping that I'm not the only one who thinks that the ban on NC-17 fics might be an unjust decsion. O_o;;

For now, that argument won't be convincing me that either side of those readers and writers have fair or honest opinions to discuss with each other.
I suppose when I see more tolerance and compromising attitudes between the protesting and defending members - I'll probably feel a lot less skeptical about their views and I might even learn to take them seriously now and again when they post future reviews of fanfics.

To finish up, I think FF.net are in the wrong if they ban fiction that was previously allowed onto the site; up until now.
It was their decision to allow adult-fiction to be submitted into their archives in the first place.

The protesters request should be re-evaluated; they were reading fiction that stated the content as offensive and were given pre-noticed warnings before going to the fiction's link.
There's also a brief explaination/sypnosis of what the story contains underneath those warnings.

The thing that would really peeve me off more than the awaiting descion. Is that the only valid excuse they would've had to ban the NC-17 fics would've been that they had no warnings or control over what they were reading.

This is one of the most pointless online-farces I've ever encountered...

Noone is forced to read them, complaining about a genre that wasn't your preference to begin with is quite immature and uncalled for.
The writer has a right to express their thoughts for whatever story they choose to write. and the reader has a right to decide what to read and what not to read. ;(

*Feels better after ranting* Whew, that was a long one. *Shuts up before she gets into trouble for making jumbo posts* X_x

09-23-2002, 06:52 AM
Hi-Jinx, I like your style, girl!:D

On the subject of fan fics, I could potentially have a lot to say. However, I haven't been to sleep and I'm so tired my eyes are crossing, so I'll be brief. Please ignore any typos that I might have.

I was, at one time, working of a CMI/FFVII cross over (as a challenge from my current lover [a military man]) where instead of the usual ending Seph and Cloud end up on the shores of Puerto Pollio right after Guybrush loses Elaine (the statue) to the pirates of Danjer Cove. When it started, I had a few really good whitty Guybrush-esque comments. However, I couldn't really do anything with the story that would be entertaining and maintain the MI standard of humor. I just couldn't think of anything, and I didn't want to write something that didn't capture the essence an whit of CMI. So, I stopped writing it. If I ever come up with anything, I'll probably write it for him as a gift or something, not to be put up on site, unless its his.

I think that fan fics are a great for practicing writing skills. I also think they are a great way to have a little fun while being creative. If you don't like the way a story ended, you can change it in your own world. (Sorry for sounding like Bob Ross there).

I agree with Hi-Jinx, if fan fictions aren't your cup o' tea, it really isn't fair to criticize them. I don't like Westerns, for instance, therefore I don't comment about them. They just don't tickle my fancy, and I'm not well read enough in that genre to make any claims or ascertions about Westerns. So, I don't.

I used to think that fan fics were cheesy as hell, but after writing a couple with my former writer's group, I learned that they can be a good way to practice with understanding characterization, vocabularly, and description, because the plot has pretty much been developed for you. Going back to characterization, it helps you get the feel for characters, and creates a challenge in trying to capture the essence of said character. How well do you understand and can visualize them?

I said I'd be brief, but I lied. Sorry. I love to write. Have been writing since I was a wee child. So, I can talk up a storm about writing stories and such.

09-25-2002, 05:05 AM
SeaWitch, If you're writing MI fanfic... then take yer time ;-)
You won't think of any good jokes if you press it. I usually come up with most my jokes when I'm doing something else.