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08-28-2002, 07:23 PM
[{(ooc)}]I dont know every detail of SW but im here to have fun, please join in! Also i have no idea exactly where it will end up.

Charcter Bio Stats:
Name: Xirion Haazt
Sex: Male
Species : Human
Birthplanet: Vortex
Other Notesof point:
Master Haazt lost his Apprentice in battle, and it weighs heavily upon him, he questions himself and his abilities.
His left arm is tatooed with 4 triangles, representing his family.


The Jedi Knights

Guardins of peace and Justice throughout the Galaxy, a symbol of law and order that helped keep the Republic Finely Tuned....
Thousands of Years have passed, and the light of the Old republic shone brightly......
Dark Forces with sinister plots have arisen and have started to put a dim on the bright lights of the Old Republic.
To find the threat and Extinguish it, the Jedi Council have dispatched many Jedi to find and deal to the Dark Horizons....

Jedi Master Xiron Haazt sat in his quarters within the Jedi temple. A golorious day outside, but a gloomy one inside his head.
It had been more then a month, since his Apprentice was killed in battle. The loss weighed heavily upon his heart.
Everynow and then he would flash himself back in his mind to that time, always trying to find ways, other possibilties....
It was said that a Master who lost an Apprentice was not looked down upon as a failure, but he felt it, all the time, all the effort, and for what? a single lapse in concentration and the galaxy simply turned upside down.
Xirion stood up, checking his utility belt, and making sure his sabre was attached. Placing his hand upon it, he uncliped it and brought it to eye level. Down upon it he looked, feeling every curve that was specially desined to his perfection.
He clipped it up again, old memories die hard.
he glanced to the Storage draws, atop rested another lightsabre, not his, but exactly the same, hand crafted, made in honour of him...
He cleared his mind, an let himself ease into the Force....

He sensed the approaching person before they arrived at his rooming.
" Master Byrall, your company is a pleasure to have." said Xirion, sitting mildly in Meditation.
The Twi'lek smiled warmly, " Master Xiron, my heart warms to you too." He walked further in, he felt the missing presence in the room, but things like that should best be kept to ones self he thought. He snuck a look at the empty bed, it was not the same.
"What do i owe the honour?" Xiron asked Inqisitivly.
"The Council will be gathering, they have requested your presence at the meeting." Byrall said, he sighed heavily.
" I sense there is somthing more too it," he continued " I have felt something, elusive, but i am sure it is there." Bryall said.
Xirons eyes flashed open, as he dropped his hands. " I hav felt it also, but i have tried to keep my focus right here and right now."
Bryall nodded, understanding all to well what his fellow Jedi had gone through. He turned on his heel, and exited, with the words
" May the force be with you!"

Xiron sat, his mohawk in full glory in the afternoon rays the glistened onto Coruscant. He looked out the window, gazing into the parasteel jungle, and smiled.
Now what did the council have in mind he thought.....

Feel free to add yourself in to the story :) a little bio before you start would do fine too, but its optional. I encourage lots of interaction :)
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