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08-29-2002, 03:53 PM
Digging around on Mojo and Unofficial I've found a couple quotes that relate pretty directly to the Sam & Max sequel that was announced a couple days ago, and may clarify at least a tiny bit what sort of game it will be, not to mention raise some more questions:

Here's a quote from an interview (http://unofficial.samandmax.net/historyfaq_interview1_1.html) Unofficial Sam & Max did with Steve Purcell back in the Summer of 2000:Will there ever be another Sam & Max computer game? The original is still many peoples favorite LucasArts game.

Nothing’s out of the question but there are no immediate plans for one. The fact that people are so fond of the original means a lot to me. That also puts a quite a bit of pressure on any potential sequel. It would probably have to be something totally different than the first one. Maybe an adventure/action game hybrid would be the way to go.

And here's something LucasArts' president Simon Jeffery said in the interview (http://www.mixnmojo.com/php/site/resource.php?feature=/e32002/simon/simon) Mojo did with him at this year's E3 show:Sarah McKeever: What's Mike Stemmle working on?

Simon Jeffery:[b] Mike Stemmle is working on actually a couple of different concepts. I think it's safe to say that what he's working on is going to be a revisit of one of our classics, which probably isn't going to be the only thing that's coming back. But I can't say anymore.


[b]Simon: Well, Full Throttle [2] will have a bit of that. Full Throttle is going to be an interesting combination of action and storytelling adventure. I guess in some ways the original Full Throttle did as well, but the action was much more basic in those days. But yeah, we're going to be doing that and Mike Stemmle is looking at new ways of evolving the graphic adventure. Again, it's part of our heritage and it's something we're not going to give up on.

And, given the state of the industry right now, potential to port to consoles, and, well, the fact that LucasArts hasn't made a fully 2D game since CMI, I'd bet that this new game will be 3D. However, since the characters are property of Steve Purcell and one can only assume that he'll be overseeing at least the output from the artists working on the game (if not the story and some of the design as well), it's not going to look like crap.

08-29-2002, 04:07 PM
I don't care what kind of game it is really. I desparately hope it will be an adventure, but just to play as Sam & Max will be good enough, whatever the genre.

08-29-2002, 04:09 PM
im thrilled

im wondering what the boxart is going to look like already :p

08-29-2002, 04:30 PM
Yeah, but if trends continue then it will be a DVD-case-art. That'd be a real shame.

08-29-2002, 05:22 PM
Hm. Jake, interview Steve again. Perhaps he's changed his mind since then. If Steve saw what IM was doing as an action/adventure and hated it, who knows. Maybe he wants a full-on adventure with a touch of action now, just like the original, but evolved.

08-29-2002, 08:00 PM
let's hope the equivalent of "monkey kombat" doesnt rear it's ugly head. I liked the mini games in the original Sam & max because you didnt have to play them. The action in S&M2 should be the same.

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