View Full Version : jedimod 1.2 and yoda help

Vic Mackey
09-02-2002, 10:58 PM
ok i downloaded jedimod 1.2 for the model scaling so my SP yoda is small. but it doesnt make him small and the yoda sounds dont play. i do get the yoda skin to show but its full height. how do i get the model scaling to work in SP? and is there any way to get jedimod to work in SP?

Vic Mackey
09-03-2002, 07:42 AM
bump.... come on someone should know. all you model masters:D

09-04-2002, 06:08 AM
no mp mods works for sp, in fact you cant make a mod that affect the sp other than changing characters and add maps etc....nothing that actually affects the physics of that game; cuz raven havent released the sp source code

so basically it only works for mp