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09-03-2002, 04:54 PM
Hey tech people. Here is my prob. The upper left portion of the screen it white. also the characters themselves. sometimes they have just a white area over their eyes. I am pretty computer retarded, so it probably is something with my computer. Any info would be groovy!:ewok:

09-03-2002, 10:06 PM
I suppose this is a problem when you are playing EMI, not a general one.

Three suggestions:

1. You can start to install the update in case you havn’t already done that.
It can be downloaded and it installs itself at http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/monkey-4.htm

2. Insert the CD and select Help - Analyze Your Computer
Check that everything is "passed."
Click on "DirectX Diagnostics" and run the tests.

3. Start the EMI but not the game. Select from the Menu “Options” – “Configuration Options” and mark “Force 16-bit Color.” Try with “Open GL.”

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09-04-2002, 10:55 AM
Grannen, Thank you very much. I tried the 1st one but it didn't change a thing. so I tried the 3rd one and it WORKED. But......now the game is really slow. Any ideas as to what I should do?

09-04-2002, 11:58 AM
Insert the CD and select “Help” – “View Troubleshooting Guide.”

Read Section - 4 - about “Alter Gee Wizz Factor” and test the suggested changings.

Check Section - 5 - about your Graphic Card.

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