View Full Version : How to modify bot's sabers? Jedi plus 3.3

09-03-2002, 07:21 PM
I tried to modify the bot's sabers by typing g_botdoublesaber 1, the variable is changing but the bots do not change there sabers. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
variable 0 = normal saber
1 = double saber
2 = two sabers
3 = two double sabers.

Sith Maximus
09-04-2002, 11:39 AM
Yes you are running Jediplus. Run Jedimod....Jediplus is full of bugs. Guess you found that out.

09-04-2002, 03:48 PM
Actually, JediPLUS is getting better with each version... there's still a bit to go until it reaches JediMod's quality, though.

To answer the question, g_botdoublesaber can only be set to 0 or 1. The variables you (lionknight) mentioned are set in the file "bots.txt" inside the .pk3 for JediPLUS (or JediMod).
Open bots.txt and look for the entry for Desann to get some more instructions.

(It can also be set in the "botname.bot" file inside the bot's .pk3.)

09-04-2002, 10:55 PM
Thanks, I know the example you speak of, but how do I open those bot files my acrobat reader is giving me an error when I try to open any pk3. files. What are you (Zyworqy) using to open and edit the files. Thanks in adavance.

09-05-2002, 04:27 AM
I Use WinZip. pk3 files are just renamed zip files actually.

09-05-2002, 12:52 PM
Thanks it sort of worked, I was able to give the maul bot doublesaber but I couldn't give yoda bot two sabers. Do you know why, is it that the model yoda I have does not support it.

09-05-2002, 01:09 PM
Yes you are running Jediplus. Run Jedimod....Jediplus is full of bugs. Guess you found that out.

Whatever dude. What do you have some sort of allegiance to jedimod. Jedimod 1.2 sould be put to bed now that the jediplus 3.3 is out. It fixes all of the bugs found in the jedimod source code. It adds full admin functions as found in adminmod and a multiple line MOTD.

The only mods that matter are jediplus and promod. We need some standardization here.

Don't get me wrong I was a fan of jedimod but it crashed the server too much and there were other bugs like if you grip some when sitting and they get stuk. These things are fixed in jediplus. They are adding jetpack next so lets all say goodbye to these other little mods too.

Jediplus and promod are the only ones that add real substance to the MP game.

Jediplus - emhasizes the fun factor

promod - emphasizes the skill factor

They both have their place but all the others need to disappear for the overall benefit of the JK MP community.

Sith Maximus
09-05-2002, 02:22 PM
Wrong. You cannot grip people while sitting. As for stability I have never had a crash while in Jedimod. As for the extra admin functions slap would not even work...it just killed people instead. Plus I do not need those functions anyway. I have the rules stated thru a program that allows for cont messaging, not jedirunner but a program from custom installations.

Also I have all of the same values as Jediplus. The only thing it really adds is the saberthrow in duels...and if we want that I just goto a jump and saber attack mode that nerfs all of the other powers.

Also the same spawn commands come from the parent program, Jedimod. These work great and have no ill effect on the server.

Other than those few silly admin functions I find Jediplus of no use. No I use to run 2++ but when 3 came it it did not work right and 3.3 is still full of little quirks. They even admit to it.

So for now I will stick to the original. or the new forcemod so that people can play with the jetpacks....

Promod is going up for a trial run tonight. I played 1.0 and was not that impressed with it. Everyone was running around in red stance hacking at each other....zzzzzzzzzzzz. Maybe with the new changes it will be better....well see.

And remember Jedimod was the original program. If not for it and the release of the sourcecode from Dest Jediplus would not even be here. I saw no attempt by them to make an interdediate update with more of their own original material. They simply combine two other mods to make Jediplus and waited for dest to do most of the work.So if anything needs to go its the pretender to the throne not the king.

Also if you need so many server based admin commands to handle your clients then you have a problem. I have only one client on my ban list. The only reason for that was foul racist insults. I wont stand for that. Other than that a simple "follow the rules" works wonders. And as far as saberthrow goes in duels.....it just makes it all too easy and dull.

As far as the adjustable damage goes.....that only benifits the admin. He can set it up as he sees fit. The standard damage scales are enough for clients it you turn on box trace saber and the ghoul option. Also set the box size to 0 to make the sabers very deadly.

As for binding a key for a client I cannot think of anything more intrusive. I do not want people messing with my cfg files.

The motd is a nice function and I do like that, but not enough to change over to it.

We all have our opinions on what mods are best. I like jedimod u like jediplus. Their is a place for both of them in the community. Only time will tell which ones the clients want more. So far I have never had anyone come to me and say "I like jediplus better". Other than the motd and the abusive admin power they do not see the differences. Good luck with what u like. Ill stick to Jedimod.

Now I am done....dont bother posting back my time is limited and as far as I am concerned this debate is over.

Good day to you and happy gaming:D