View Full Version : An invitation to all TeamWarfare.net CTF clans

09-04-2002, 01:01 PM
Now that Beta 2 has been released, I'd like to extend an invite to any of the TeamWarfare jk2 CTF teams to attend a scheduled CTF scrimmage. My main purpose would be to record demos of the match(es) and draw conclusions about the future of ProMod CTF.

I'd prefer to have each team represent only one clan, so that neither side would be hampered by lack of coordination or familiarity.

I'll host the match on my 16 person server, with 2 of the slots being private: one for me, and one for someone assisting me. If I'm correct, 5v5 is usually the size of a CTF team, so i'd have room for 4 spectators if there are people wanting to do so.

This would be a valuable opportunity for me to judge whether there are any current imbalances in the gameplay, and for those interested in ProMod CTF to get some hands-on time in a competitive setting.

I'll be asking for comments and suggestions at the end of the match, so if you'd like the opportunity to mold ProMod, make sure to contact me. The opinions of your clans will carry a great deal of weight.

Any teams who are interested, please contact me at: arsartifex@msn.com .