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Miggs the Just
09-04-2002, 09:01 PM
Does anyone know anything about this. JKiiRadient has player starts and objectives for it but i dont know how to choose the gametype. I look at the code and I cant understand it at all. Any information would be great.

09-05-2002, 07:27 AM
well you can't choose this gametype but most of the code has been writtten.

i'm pretty sure youcan even start a saga map without adding anything to the code.

Do you think you could create a very simple saga map ?

it would be really intresting to have this kind of map !

we could try this gametype and maybe improve it !

09-05-2002, 07:40 AM
hello tchouky. nice to see you came back :)

on the saga note, all i can say is "it's in the works, stay tuned"

09-05-2002, 07:47 AM
yep i finally came back :)

did you figure out for the ini :

if yes i'm intrested :)

09-05-2002, 08:03 AM
btw ask do you have irc if yes => quakenet #jk2coding
i would like to talk about the saga gametype ...

09-05-2002, 11:32 AM
saga would be cool, sortof like cs for jk2

09-05-2002, 11:45 AM
Originally posted by Dest
saga would be cool, sortof like cs for jk2

what exactly is saga?

09-05-2002, 11:59 AM
it's a gametype which has been coded but is not included in the game (no maps and you can't select it throught the menu)

it's a round based gametype and you win if you complete your goal (map specific)

like RTCW in fact.

the only thing we have to do is create a saga map and create a map.saga file with a few infos and it will be playable.

the problem is that we don't know the structure of this file .saga

09-05-2002, 12:48 PM
well i've looked the code and the structure of the saga files is :

//.saga file
RequiredObjectives x
attackers x
RequiredObjectives x
attackers x

with RequiredObjectives is the number of objectives to win the map 1->9
and attackers 1 or 0.

it's like thesnerd said a long time ago in an older thread.
i can't test it actually cause i don't have any saga type map.
but i'm pretty sure it's this way because the saga file is loaded exactly as a bot personality.

Miggs the Just
09-05-2002, 09:10 PM
I think i've found a way to get around the saga gametype and still have an objective based map. I'm working in it now but this is my first map and it's taking a while to learn. I dont know anything about coding either.

P.s. does anyone know how to change the weapons a player starts with and can it be different per player?