View Full Version : how do i get an existing model into 3ds max4

09-06-2002, 12:27 AM
how do i get an existing model into 3ds max 4?? I'm tired of making requests and being bitched at for them. So i'm gonna take the initiative and start modelling myself. I wanna start off by tweaking existing models but unfortunately i don't know how to get them into 3ds max4. So can someone help me out?? You may think i have no chance if i don't even know how to get an existing model into an editing program but hey... you've gotta start somewhere right?
so any help would be appretiated. thanks

Twisted Vertex
09-06-2002, 12:40 AM
Your going to need to find the apprioate pluging for the program your using. For example milkshape has a glm. plugin where you can import the ghoul2 models. The only way to get models into max is throw them into milkshape first.

09-06-2002, 12:41 AM
ok where do i go to get milkshape??

Twisted Vertex
09-06-2002, 12:42 AM
type www.milkshape3d.com in your url bar thingy......swish away you go.

09-06-2002, 12:44 AM
does it have a free trial or something?
and also is there any way to add the upper body of one model to the legs of another model?

Twisted Vertex
09-06-2002, 12:47 AM
Sure but that requires you to re-weight the model. Meaning the bones are going to be applied to a skin on your mesh. Where the bones go....your mesh goes. I am not sure if milkshape does weights, Even if you did complete the model, you'll still need to export the model out as a .xsi . Which is a softimage format, that assimalte reads when compiling your mesh.

09-06-2002, 12:50 AM
there's really only one way i can put this.......... what?