View Full Version : system requirements for escapemi?

09-06-2002, 01:43 PM
hi could anyone help me out before i buy "escape from monkey island" because i am unsure if my computer will run the game well!

i have read the system requirements for the game but with me having only a limited understanding of computer terminology i am still a bit confused whether my computer will do the job!

it has
1.2ghz duron processor
20 gig hd
128 sd ram
sis 630/730 video agp thingy(thats what it says on the information button anyway)
and the soundblaster soundcard

is this enough to run the game? because i tried to install grand theft auto 3 and it was a bit slow and jerky!

if anyone knows why it was slow and jerky please tell me!

thanks very much


09-09-2002, 07:24 AM
EMI will run rather smoothly on your computer.
GTA3 runned slow and jerky because it's rather big and everything. Should I recommend you to download a crack for it, since it then won't read the CD all the time for sounds and all that?

It worked for me, and now GTA3 runs great!
(You might want to check the official forums or visit megagames.com)

09-09-2002, 03:16 PM
hmm, let's see.

System requirements for EFMI

Operating system > Windows 95/98 (well, just about everyone has 95 or above)

CPU > 200 MHz minimum, 266 MHz recomended (trust me, 266 isn't enough but you should have more. to check, next time you start up you computer, it will tell you on the very first screen what speed it is or in other words, how much MHz it has)

Memory > 32Mg of ram (if you don't have that, then GTA3 wouldn't even work, let alon go jerky and stuff, trust me, you have it)

Graphics > (can't be bothjered to write it down, but you're okay, you have it)

Sound > 16bit, (it comes with just about every computer if not a better sound card, you have it)

now as long as you have a CD-Rom drive which doesn't run at the speed of the wheel of a 60 year old bycicle, and you have a keyboard, you should be fine as whatever DirectX you need (7 i think) will come on the CD free, so don't worry. buy the game, it'll be worth it.