View Full Version : coding request - customable weapons... (this is not a stupid outlandish idea)

09-07-2002, 02:56 PM
basically i posted this idea in a modeling thread
and was advised to ask here:
in the "models/weapons2" folder luke and the reborn both have their own folders which modifies the standard lightsabers.
i was basically asking if this can be done for all charcters thus creating unique lightsaber handles only applicable to the designated individual characters (like luke and reborn)

if anyone would like to tackle this problem or knows of a solution i for one would be grateful
for anyone who can't be bothered to check the other thread.....
below is what i asked

i"ve modifed(skinned) a saber handle but i want to assign it to an individual custom character.
under the weapons directory luke and reborn have their own sabers.
what do i do to assign the saber to my character only?
p.s. this is for a multiplayer charcter"

BradFu's reply

"I'm sure it's entirely possible, though it would require re-coding some stuff. You might want to ask this question in the Coding forum. I personally would love to see a Mod that includes the ability of simply creating a Saber_CharacterName folder with all the files and having it automatically be used by that character (ie, a model/skin in a BobDole folder would automatically use either a generic saber, or if available, a saber located in saber_BobDole). I'm willing to bet it can be done by one of those guys in the Coding forum"

09-08-2002, 04:55 AM
lol - Well, you should know that someone already made a spectacular mod that does that.
You can download the newest version of it right here:


Dest (the author) included Remark's hiltpack with it, and they set a standard for hilts to be selectable.