View Full Version : more energetic fight?

09-08-2002, 02:01 AM
witch one is more energetic? or witch one did you like better?

09-08-2002, 02:35 AM
quigon was prolly more skilled and obi wan more energetic, but the thing is obi wan survived and qui gon didnt.

09-08-2002, 02:45 AM
Maul vs. Qui-Gon was good but not very energetic. It was more about tactics. Maul vs. Obi-Wan was just a bada$$ fight it was so fast and wasn't slow at all. It was a very good duel and my favorite.
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Lunatic Jedi
09-08-2002, 04:43 AM
Qui-Gon vs. Maul was slower and more deliberate, focused more on strategy. After Qui-Gon was killed and Obi-Wan was consumed by his rage, he fought recklessly and with abandon, which made for a very energetic battle.

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09-08-2002, 04:55 AM
the most energetic fight you will ever see is two black women fighting. " Grul no you didnt!!"

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09-08-2002, 06:40 AM
Obi and Maul was defintely most energetic...go watch the movie again (don't have to sit through the Jar Jar bits if you don'y want to:Dlol) and see how fast that fight is...I had trouble keeping up with it lol

09-08-2002, 06:48 AM
the epI fight is slowr than the EPII fight, but i think that is becouse of the cloe ups in EPII,

obi fought the fastest, i like fast fights

09-08-2002, 08:45 AM
yeah has to be obi

he was dead fast and of course he won:)

09-08-2002, 08:51 AM
i liked qui-gonn's style, but obi-wan was more aggressive and super-quick, plus obi-wan is the man!

09-08-2002, 11:14 PM
Qui-Gon died, nuff said