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Natty At Work
09-08-2002, 06:57 PM
...but... ok this morning I was looking at the newspaper and while it wasn't on conspiracy theories about September 11, the heading had the date American style which is 9:11 (month then date, in Australia it's date then month, so it's back to front for me)

OK, what I'm trying to get is 911 is the emergency phone number in America, kinda like 000 is for Australia. So what I'm wondering, since New York and indeed America would have been in a state of emergency. Was 9:11 indeed supposed to signify the phone number 911?

If you get what I mean? It's early and I'm still half asleep. I think it's just coincidence personally but has anyone else thought of this?

09-08-2002, 07:26 PM
Yes thats what people were wondering if it was planned to happen on that day. People have been debating this for awhile and we're pretty sure that it was planned...

Natty At Work
09-08-2002, 11:49 PM
Thing is I never heard this rumour or theory (whatever you wanna call it) but all I remember was the whole wingdings webfont theories and nostradamus predictions blah blah blah

I did read today that apperantly they had considered flying planes into nuclear power plants in America but for some reason decided against it, just saw the heading in the newspaper this morning (since I was being cheap and just kinda overlooking people's shoulders on the train :p)

Since we are coming up to the 1st anniversary, do we feel safer? or the same sort of fear we felt in the days afterwards when it first happened?

I guess for me, the thought of war freaks me out, while I'm glad I'm in Australia since it's so isolated the chances of us being attacked are pretty slim still I wouldn't really rule it out altogether, especially since if we do go to war with Iraq, Saddam has made it pretty clear that any counrty that attacks Iraq will be attacked in return.

It's a terrible time and I don't know about in other countries but this week I feel like it will be more of a ratings war between TV stations on September 11, rather than a, well I can't think of the word, but a time to remember those who died, and not really sparing a thought gor those who did die.

Will have to wait and see what happens, but now almost one year on, how do you feel? is it worth going to war with Iraq or should we wait until Bin Laden is caught? I don't know how many wars America can fight at once?

Just one final thought, guess its more of a question to Americans or someone who knows more about the Gulf war than what I do (as I only know pretty much the basics) but do you think George Bush is trying to do what his father couldn't in regards to this whole "lets get Suddam Hussain"

09-09-2002, 10:06 AM
Originally posted by Natty At Work
...but... ok this morning I was looking at the newspaper and while it wasn't on conspiracy theories about September 11, the heading had the date American style which is 9:11 (month then date, in Australia it's date then month, so it's back to front for me)Actually, pretty much everywhere uses DMY because it goes in ascending order (MDY is NOT in order).

However for sorting purposes computers store dates as YMD (imagine 1999.9.1 or 2000.3.12. Now take out the decimal and store exactly two digits each... 000130 = 30/01/00, 011119 = 19/11/00, etc we can see how this number is useful in sorting dates). You can now store dates as an integer, and do a test to extract the date from it. Yes integers will ignore initial zeros, but this is not a problem since we know the length. eg 511 = 000511 = 11/5/00.

So the Americans are half way there, but their date system is out of order, ours is not.


PS: I should also note that 9/11 was not an act of war, Bush may have claimed it was but then those in Lloyd's had a feild day because they know their insurance dosen't cover buildings destroyed in acts of war. So he said no it was not an act of war, it was an act of terrorisim so you still have to pay the three trillion dollars (or however much the insurance was) insurance. This bought Australia's QBE to the brinkof bankrupcy, their shares dropped, but they've pulled through OK now it seems. Still their building in Civic looks dull compared to everything else!

The idea that this is a war is nonsence.

09-09-2002, 01:43 PM
heehee, bless ya for making me chuckle Natts, I really don't mean this nastily but:
Welcome to last year :)


09-09-2002, 02:45 PM
natty, i don't think you have anything to worry about. i don't think your government is stupid enough to get involved with this kind of thing (unlike our english government, i swear, blair is a puppet to bush). also, one of the reasons that they attacked the pentagon and world trade center in particular instead of something like the empire stae building, statue of liberty or chrisler building is because of what not many people know, it was the centre and heart of america. american prides itself on how much money it has/had and it's wealth derived from the fact that trade came centrally to them and those buildings. it was the alter to a church, or william wallace to scotland (sorry, just watch braveheart for fun). if there was a second attack this wednesday, it would be on the empire state building, the statue of liberty (what worse than to destroy americas symbol of freedom and liberty) and if not america, then probably here becasue we said that "we're behind them all the way" and so it would be something that we're very proud of or admire the most (can't think of anything at the moment, it wouldn't be the palace). so i don't think that you're in trouble here, i on the other hand am i little worried, but not so much as america should be. the fact that it would only take a few months for Iraq to aquire the materials used to construct a nuclear weapon, this thing is getting worse than we thought adn i am now slightly worried.

and BTW, you asked if the whole plane crash was planned for Sept !!, well i laughed at this because i really don't think Osama Bin ladin woke up that morning and said "we're going to do it today" it may not be for the 9:11 thing, but he had obviously said early on something like "okay, we're going to commit this act of terrorism, it'll take this long to train the men and this long to get prepared, so i guess we'll do it on this date" which just so happened to be 9:11. either that, or three very stupid people got their directions wrong and pressed the wrong button or pulled the wrong lever in the cockpit.

Natty At Work
09-09-2002, 10:38 PM
Well I never thought of it since Americans do their dating back to front.

And Neil? Our government is pretty stupid, they're actually considering going to war with Iraq if America does

09-10-2002, 01:50 PM
well natty, that just goes to show how 'up to date' i am. :p
i guess i should really start paying attention to the news more (i'd have to say, this is one news story that i am very interested in, that and the whole Holly and Jesica thing here in england)