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Conan the Red
09-08-2002, 08:55 PM
One thing that would totally awesome would be a mod for JKII based on the anime Escaflowne. It's all there. A sword-combat system, and a magic-like system. Swap Kyle with Van, Jan with Hitomi, Luke with Alan, Desann with Folken, and of course you could swap Tavion with a skin of Dilandau, and for those of you who know Escaflowne, I'm sure you'd agree that the voices of Tavion and Dilandau are interchangable!:D As for the storm-troopers, just swap them with Black Dragon soldiers with varying sizes and give them swords with various sizes and/or styles, but no magic powers. Blaster rifles and lasers obviously wouldn't fit in Escaflowne. I'm at a loss as what to do with the Reborn. If it's possible, the Force powers could be modified visually to be true to the magic seen in Escaflowne and the powers themselves could be tweaked. Unfortunately, we may have to go with an actual Escaflowne armor. Once/if Raven releases JKII's source code, maybe it would be possible to swap the AT-ST with Escaflowne and give it a sword and the appropriate animations. For now these are just ideas. I myself have no experience with modding or anything like that, so I wouldn't know where to start ona project like this. And of course, I could be wrong on some of my ideas if the lack of the open source code restricts anything. Ok, I'll stop rambling now. For those of you reding this and if you have the skills to pull it off, why not post and give your thoughts?

09-09-2002, 01:40 PM
:cool: There's a lot of plans for Anime/Mecha bases mods and TC, but I don't think they'll really see the light of day. A good example is the Evangellion mod for Half-Life, that's been around like forever.

I'd sugjest:

A) Making a 'Mecha War' mod, where we get the various big-assed robots up against each other. EVAs, Gundams, Valkaries etc. Somethig like JediMOD allows you to put stuff to scale, so you can have stuff at equal height or at a reasonable scale.

B) Create an original Mecha MOD. MechAnime rips off from themselves so much that it's impossible NOT to create something new. All you need is... what...:rolleyes: Brooding Hero... Pink Haired Girl.. God... Funky Command Center... heck that's half the work done already.