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09-09-2002, 03:19 PM
Hey. I am in need of a damn good idea on how to do the wall hug. I thoght about many way's to do it. But not really any of them will work cause Snake (or who ever) look at the side and is slightly leaning. I know I can't make any new animations (DAMN YOU RAVEN! LOL) but I belive there is a least ONE animation in the game that can be used! Also, since I am on the coding thread, how do I make new bind keys? Like this is what I mean:

1. Make NumPad Keys for sound taunts

NumPad 7 says "Protect the base!" but it plays a mp3 (or wav)

So would I go like bind NumPad 7 play "sound/soundfx/protect_mp.mp3" ?

Please both of these questions are VERY important! So don't hesitaite of what you think are stupid way's of doing this. I need any help I can get.



Metal Gear: Tactial Espinoage Action Mod

09-09-2002, 03:22 PM
Oh and my name Grey_Fox has nothing to do with Ninja. Just to let you know. I made it up cause in MMORPG games, poeple would hit on me because my name was "Fox" or Darth_Kitty". So I thought since Grey Fox means Older Man or older fox that I would less hits. And it worked! So please don't say I name myself that because of Grey_Fox. My bro says it enough! LOL!

09-09-2002, 08:38 PM
seems to me that the stance Kyle uses when you turn off his saber and just stand there would be good for the "wall hug" in Metal Gear. I have no idea how you're gonna make him shuffle his feet and scoot down the wall like he did though, or crawl for that matter. You got a link to your mod's site? I'd really like to read up on a Metal Gear mod.

09-11-2002, 04:49 AM
I found out how to make the commands for your teammates to work.

bind f1 play sound/soundefx/clear.mp3

That work. And yes there is no " like you would do with a normal bind. But now I need it to bind these when they load the mod. I have tried the autoexec.cfg. Maybe I am doing something wrong,here is the exact way it is spelled and if you open it:

Just looking at the file:
CFG File
1 KB
Now if you open it:
bind f1 play sound/soundefx/take_cover.mp3
bind f2 play sound/soundefx/hold_position.mp3
bind f3 play sound/soundefx/move.mp3
bind f4 play sound/soundefx/sniper.mp3
bind f5 play sound/soundefx/obj_complete.mp3
bind f6 play sound/soundefx/holding.mp3
bind f7 play sound/soundefx/clear.mp3
bind f8 play sound/soundefx/notargets.mp3
bind f9 play sound/soundefx/target_hot.mp3

That's how it is. But It won't work. Can you guy's correct me if I am doing something wrong?

Also, in need to see ALL the animations in the game (for the Wall Hug) can anyone of you guy's tell me how to setup the ModVeiwer? I have heard you can see every animation in the game if you change the ModViewer's things. Because that way you can look at your skin or model with all the animations. I need this to pick out the animations and then edit the walk on walls animations with the one I had chossen and if I need to modify it so that it stops at a certian frame. Please Respond with answers.



Metal Gear

Oh and there is no Metal Gear site yet. It is just me doing the mod (:() and VampireHunterD importing the player models for me.

Thanks again.

09-11-2002, 06:18 PM
Bump. Thanks.