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09-10-2002, 04:14 AM
I've been thinking a lot about how combat in JKII is not much like combat in the movies. In the movies saber battles are all about blocking and parrying to get the upper hand - in JKII it's more like 'run around and slash until you hit something.' Pro mod did a good job reducing the randomness of saber combat, but I think that more can be done.

I think that a big problem with saber combat is the fact that you can still run while you are swinging. I feel that this turns saber combat into a high speed frenzy. In the movies the moves are calculated -while the swings may be fast, no one ever runs and swings at the same time. Even when Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are taking out droids, they always have to slow down to do it. I think that slowing the player down when they swing would make close combat more intense - they wouldn't just be able to run backwards and dodge oncoming attacks - they would have to block them.

Another thing that annoys me about JKII combat is that I can lay into someone with my lightsaber and they can walk away from it. I wish that combat was more like it is in SP with g_saberrealisticcombat 2 on. It also bothers me that saber passing damage does 1 or 5 damage, or whatever it does. All or nothing. I would prefer nothing, because it isn't very fair to have people killing bots just by running into them, but that's just my opinion.

To balance saber damage being fatal, I think that weapon damage should be increased. While the weapon damage wouldn't be nearly always fatal like a saber swing would, I think that the slowdown in movement when swinging would help to counterbalance this a good bit.

That brings me to my next point - well the, what about saber throw? My answer - take it out. My thought is that it could be replaced by something far more useful and true to the movies - blocking. There are already blocking animations in JKII, why not use them? Blocking would also add to the movie-esque fighting style of the films - it would further push the block-parry style fights, and could be used to block laser blasts as well.

I was thinking that while block was being held, it could heartily increase your chances of deflecting laser blasts, while the standard chance of deflecting would be lowered. That way, when you deflect a laser bolt, you are actively deflecting it, rather than just leaving it up to chance. Replacing the saber throw with blocking capability would make the blocks easily accessible and in my opinion would add a great deal of realism to the game.

There are a number of other things that I'd like to tweak or just completely change about the game, but unfourtunately my coding experience isn't great enough to accomplish much at all. If anyone who does know how to code well likes some of my ideas, though, I'd be more than happy to talk it over and help in any way I can towards getting some of the changes in game. Just wanted to get my two cents in as to the way I wish the game was - maybe it'll give somebody some ideas...

09-10-2002, 04:24 AM
Almost all the tweaks and alterations you've just mentioned are (scarilly!) similar to what were planning to implement in Team Assault!! :)
I think it may well be worth releasing another teaser demo at some stage to show some of it off - cos I think it'll be to your liking...

09-10-2002, 04:33 AM
Team Assault really seems like a mod that I would like to be involved in - a lot of the changes you've been making have been right up my alley. I don't know how much I can lend to the cause - I'm a pretty good modeler and skinner, and a novice coder - if there's any way that I could help the cause, drop me a line.

09-10-2002, 04:42 AM
I'll get back to you. (Just off to work).
Yeah, I agree. You definetly seem to be on our wavelength! :)

But if you were to join the team, we really do need quality at this point, so please send anything we can have a look at to renegadeofphunk@3dactionplanet.com.

If we think you have the skills we need, we'll bring you on board.

If not, then please come to our forums, and we can discuss things. And I can promise you you'll be one of the first in line when it comes to beta testing! :)

09-10-2002, 06:36 AM
There were so many jumps and Saber moves that Obi Wan, Qui Gon and Darth Maul did. I was amazed at the moves they did until eventully Obi wan got maul. The Sabers should be like that. -Tercero- is right about the slowing down thing, That would be pretty cool instead of just slashing until you hit. and that Team Assult sounds pretty good if that's what Tercero said it's going too do. Sorry if I don't make sense :)

Uber Sith
09-10-2002, 09:56 AM
If youll allow me to elaborate more on the blocking system teraco :D.

I agree with that it sounds a very good idea... i was thinking if somone gets rid of throw and replaces it with block they make it like the blocking system of Jedi Power Battles. ya know the power bar of what you can take and when you press the left click like half a second before it hits it should go all the way back to the player who shot it. and saber combat would allow player to do proper parrys by clicking block at the right time....

Visions of it.....glorious visions of it :D:D:D:D

09-10-2002, 06:21 PM
I agree that the saber combat isn't very realistic. Masters of the Force is working to correct that. We're taking a bit different approach than the whole block button thing but we hope it'll work out. I got a design doc of the changes here. (http://personal.palouse.net/razorace/MotFdesigndoc.doc)