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Darth Eggplant
09-12-2002, 08:25 PM
Hello, I am Darth Eggplant
the round purple one;
and I am here to talk to you all
about the Demon Lemur Preservation Society.
I am hear now at the edge
of the Petrified Forest in Demon Spider country
where a wildlife conservatory has been set up
to help nurture and preserve that most unique
and lovable of all creatures, the Demon Lemur.

here, *stoops and picks one up*
this little fellow is called Harry the Lemur.
and it's because of Lemurs like Harry,
that I am taking time out
to talk to you all concerning
Demon Lemur preservation
in the Land of the Dead.

Now this is of course 8 of 12's forum,
but because he has a certain soft spot
for creatures like Harry here,
8 does not mind me giving the little furball
a plug on his forum.

Anyway the Demon Lemur
is a magnificent elemental spirit creature
found in the 8th Underworld
and just like Demon Spiders,
Demon Fire Beavers,
and Demon Ice Beavers,
it too needs your help and support.

Which is why it is vital for you
the GF community
to buy a copy of the hit radio show;
Tierra de los Muertos
produced by NightLight Productions.

8 of 12 has told me
he is very commited
to the wellfare and presrvation
of Demon Lemur's like Harry,
and so he has assurred me
that part of each purchase towards
the smash hit radio show,
Tierra de los Muertos
will go towards making sure
Harry the Lemur
does not go to bed hungry.

And this is a cause I think
all lost souls haunting the GF forums
will want to be a part of.

So every time you smile
and think of all the fun you had
listening to Tierra de los Muetos,
think of Harry the Demon Lemur.

So as soon as it becomes available
order your copy of NightLight Productions
first radio series, because believe me
you'll thank yourself for doing it.

(and Harry will thank you too.)

Tall Guy
09-13-2002, 03:43 AM
how much will tierra cost btw?......not that i wont buy it anyway......cos i will! :D

09-13-2002, 11:20 AM
Okay. Tierra is now available for preorder. I'm totally useless at setting up a shop though, having never done it before. So this could be a little tricky!

Darthy, you're a nut. :)

This'd make much more sense if you weren't the only one on the forum who knows I call myself 'Harry the Lemur' on ICQ! :D

Darth Eggplant
09-13-2002, 04:26 PM
sssh that was the point:D
if only some knew your icq handle
that bit could have gotten serious,
what is this all about?
from other members, but the select few
Lemur Preservation society members.
anyway you did mention it was all
right for other people to post threads
on this form so maybe that will break the ice.

your shop is simple place in your signature
cough up the Doss! $16.00 US dollars,
and I'm Cutting Me Own Throat.

for TP and DW fans I am amazed that of all
the CMOTD's out there only the one in XXXX
actually sold food that was edibble.