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09-12-2002, 10:12 PM
Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me. I have sam and max and the Dott combo cd (with voices and all that). I also have a speech fix for both games. Dott works perfectly (hangs sometimes, but hit "." and it goes), sam and max's music works, but their voices are incredibly slow. I noticed a few other's in these threads who've had the same problem, but i still can't fix it. The only thing i am using is vdmsound. I can't get q+e3 to work. (when i try to open it with vdm, it says fail to instantiate adlib.. " sb emulator blah blah, so i get no sound) I tried copying and pasting the sam and max.ini file created by q+e into my other directory with sam and max and it goes from the slow speech with perfect music to the failed to initialize and nothing plays. Does anybody know whats going on here? Thanks for your help.

09-13-2002, 03:29 AM
I didn't know there was a combo Cd, but judging from the DOTT problems, you need more DOS memory, and I don't know how you are going to regain 640k in XP.

09-14-2002, 09:56 PM
I figured it out, thanks anyway. I just needed a new vdmsound and q+e

09-16-2002, 12:57 AM
Wow I am so ignorant of computers. It's like moon language.

09-16-2002, 02:43 PM
I thought you couldn't run ANY Dos programs under XP. I thought that ME was really the last Win os you could even run SOME programs under.