View Full Version : Epii: Dvd

Uber Sith
09-13-2002, 05:49 AM
Cant absoloutly wait for it!.....I mean will the quality be better because of the digital shooting???

Either way i seem to have come across somthing and found out what the main title screens look like...i dont know how or even where the website is so for those of you who dont wanna know what they are.. the description below will tell what they like...


:- Main Menu -
Power Cuppling On Corusant
Kamino From outide

The only other one i was told about was the sound options page for kamino will be obiwan fighting jango form above i think

other than that i have no idea what the thing looks like but i hope they keep it similar to EP1 becasue that DVD was soo good....EPII is also on my list of DVDs to get in november to...i cant wait