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09-16-2002, 07:26 PM
Ok here goes; I want to know where to get in depth tutorials on making a mod pack for JK2 SP feturing new sounds, new models, all new moves, etc. I would also like to know where I can get the resources I need to do this (the software has to be free) and how to use them in conjunction with JK2. Thank you.

09-18-2002, 05:11 AM
1)sounds: can be done if you have sounds just put them in a new pk3 in the right directory and it should replace the default ones...

2)dont know how to make new models: i think you can create models with gmax and import them but i dont know how

3)you cant make new moves (at least till the source is released; most likely it never will)... the most you could do is 'unlock' the existing ones (like tavio and desann's styles) but i dont know if they work in sp...

theres another thread for links over here:


good luck and may the darkside be with you