View Full Version : model idea: grunt

09-18-2002, 10:15 PM
like the title says, i think itd be kinda cool to have a grunt, like animal mother in full metal jacket, only star wars style... like a rebel/pirate heavy weapons guy.

just a thought

(since this doesnt pertain to skins per se, and there wasnt a model thread, i decided to post this)

Twisted Vertex
09-20-2002, 09:00 AM
Hey, How is this.....just something I had cooked up from a concept piece.


09-20-2002, 01:12 PM
thats pretty cool, although a little bit more alien-ish than i was looking for

i was thinking more like just a big buff human, not really mech armor and such

09-20-2002, 01:38 PM
:cool: I made a kinda lame skin for the Jedi, sort of SAS-style:

I'm going to make him a bit meaner for my next project.