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Lord Helmet
09-19-2002, 11:24 PM
hello everybody my name is greg and i would just like to tell you that in the course of this game (pause)i would like to say i am not just going to be a politician so you better but ur hopes away for now right at the begining....Here is my order of professions....

1. Image Designer - Need some cool attire.

2.Weapon/Armor Smith- so i can protect/look cool/and hold my own

3.Animal Tamer- protect/loock cool/hold my own/have kick ass rancor side kick to eat my opponents as i distract them with my middle finger

4.TADA Politician/Jedi :) :) :) :)..(jk) well hopefully not....ANNNYWAYY away form my delusions...this is where i...protect(myself)/look cool/hold my own/have kick ass side kick to eat my opponents and catch frisbee and gnorts../ and take bribes to let people go for only one credit when they get detained...and to have power to evict homosexuals...

Im officially done what i have to say for this post unless i edit this out