View Full Version : Vannim DM Update Thread 1

09-25-2002, 01:39 PM
This is just a thread to tell people about new things happening to Vannim DM:

1) Current Members:

Darth2Tyranus Head-Designer
The Mad Doofer Forum Moderator

2) Site/Forum Info

I cannot afford an Ezboard, so our forum is at boards.gamers.com instead. It seems to be the best free one around.

The site is nearly finished.

3) Open places

Forum moderater 2
Forum moderater 3

Designers (infinite spaces)
Head-Designers (Infinite spaces)

Could more people join please as we only have a few members.

If you want to join, just reply to this thread, or send an email to vannimdm@yahoo.co.uk or send me a PM.
The choice is yours!