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09-25-2002, 01:57 PM
These are just things i thought could help you all after my 1000's of hours playing this game.

1) Never eat more than one nerf or Bantha.

2) Always hunt free food. The amount of times i see people get farms before dewbacks and kaduu's is just silly. Hunting is cheaper and faster than farming.

3) Elevation makes a big difference. 5 troopers at the top of a hill will beat 7 troopers at the bottom of it. Make sure you try and get the best position when in battle. This makes most effect in t2/t3.

4) On a map with fish when you are going to t2 build a powerdorid or powercore and a shipyard and get 5+ trawlers for a bigger econ.

5) Holocrons can be the difference between players. I remember a game once with Giantcorn where he was holding back 2 of us just because he had 5 holocrons. Building a jedi temple and a padawan just for one holocron is worth it.

6) Mass hovercrafts are a great way of collecting nova. Get 3 spaceports and make about 40 hovercrafts.

7) Use prefab shelters for defence. If there is a small gap put up some prefabs in the space.

8) Vary your attacks. If you beat someone twice in a row with one attack don't do the same thing a third time. He will be prepared for it.

9) AA turrets aren't worth the cost in T3, sometimes in T4 they can be effective.

10) Use units if they aren't Fully upgraded. Naboo get hardly anything FU but get 10% cheaper.

11) Make uses of as many units as possible. It's easy to defend 50 destroyer droids. but 30 Destroyer droids,5 strike mech, 5 AA mobiles and 10 hvy mech destroyers is much harder.

12) Raid! Raid! Raid!. If you are playing someone who has a bigger aramy than you don't attack his army attack his workers at his base. He will send his army there but you will have done the damage. It's hardly evfer worth fighting a losing battle.

Add your own :)

09-25-2002, 09:00 PM
13) The rule of five. If you have five or more banthas/nerfs, slam 'em in the nursery. If you have less than five, kill'em.

14) Try to always have your cc busy during t1 and possibly, if you can do, t2. A good econ is a good military

15) Group similar units. That way the anti-building ones can hit buildings, anti-mechs can hit mechs, anti-air hit air, etc.

16) Try to be the one on the offensive. Its very hard to win if your the one being attacked.

17) Start building your army in t1. That way, when t2 rolls around, you have a fairly strong army to start with.

18) Know your counters well. Even if its not written in the manual, you should know what is good against what and what has a greater bonus vs certain units. Airspeeders are good against cannons and ac's, but not other air or heavies.

10-03-2002, 10:38 AM
The Rule of 30:

30 pop. in T1 (29 workers + 1 scout)

14 on food

12 on carbon

3 on nova

Hit T2, build 2 buildings and do upgraded motivators at cc.

When finished, hit T3 button. :D

Note: for every 10 banthas/nerfs in nursery, reduce # on food by 5--ex. 30 nerfs=nobody on food in T1.


10-03-2002, 01:16 PM
you gte the upgraded motivator?
i get the carbon ungrade and the farming upgrade, build a war ctr and a mech ctr and i'm off to t3. and on the way i research the coils, the mech bonus, and build another mech ctr.
that's my latest strategy anyway... it worked vs simwiz the other night! ;)

10-03-2002, 01:41 PM
I hit t3 with 2 mech centers, ALL mech upgrades finished, carbon upgrade, upgraded motivators... cue up workers and put them on carbon.. start pumping out the strike mechs, build an airbase... so on and so on....

by the time I hit the t4 button I'll have 6-8 cc's, 3-4 fortresses, 100+ workers and be taking over the map. hehehehe

I took giantcorn's advice to heart... it's not about the quick T4.. it's about the T3 boom.