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09-26-2002, 07:21 PM
all i need is to know how i can fix missing textures problem. the thing is, i am using some textures from a map, i did get permission, but it will not show up since not evreyone has that map downloaded. so basically, i know u gotta put the textures somewhere in the pk3, but i dont know:

A.) Where i can access the textures from radiant, so that i can put them in the pk3

B.) Where exactly do i put the textures in the pk3? i mean which folder? etc

Other than that, xia 2 will be out quite shortly :D thanks a bunch guys you really are the best forum!

09-26-2002, 07:28 PM
Easiest way is- just unpack the whole pk3 (with subdirectory-structure) and then use them- if the pk3 includes shader-files (in the shaders-folder) include the shader name in your shaderlist.txt .

The second one is easier- just thishttp://dl.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp?/bubba/pakscape-008.zip and you can build pk3's easily. Just make a new pk3, and add all the folders where the textures oyou are using are in. Save it- voilą...

09-26-2002, 10:28 PM
Man i re-read my previous post and it was written completely unclear. Im sorry, i think i got the wrong message across. I know how to pk3 a map, but i dont know how to put custom textures into the pk3 so that they show up when people play the map on the internet. i tested out my map on the zone the other day, and every texture was there EXCEPT the custom ones. Then my friend dloaded the map that those textures were from and it worked lol
I know its kind of dumb to use textures from another map, but these were PERFECT lol

So basically i just wanna know how to package custom textures into the pk3. Like where to put them, etc. Not how to make the pk3 itself :)

BTW great map tigris, you really outdid yourself in new cantina :D i hope my map is as good! Thanks again

09-27-2002, 07:11 PM
OK, Mandaria - SHadriss to the rescue! :D

OK. OPen up Pakscape, and then open the pk3 where you are pulling your other textures - the ones you got permission to do. It'll have a folder in it called (get this) Textures. In that, in a subdirectory (possibly several) will be your texture.

Now, what you need to do is open your PK3, create a textures directory, ,with a subdirectory of the same name as the one you are pulling the texture from. Then, move the texture (click and drag! WOOHOO!) from one to the other. Viola! Packed texture.

Example :

I want to use a texture from LDJ's Duel of the Fates map. (Call it tex1.jpg for simplicity).

I open up his PK3 in pakscape, then open the textures folder. Now, I see (hopefully...) only one folder, which, again for simplicity, we'll call Tex. When I open that, I see my texture.

I now open up MY pk3 (without closing his) and create a textures/tex directory. I open that up in mine, ,switch to his, ,and click and drag the texture over into mine.

And that's all there is to it. I hope that was clear enough... Goo luck with Xia : Reloaded.