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09-29-2002, 02:00 AM
Im gonna cut to the chase...well kinda.
I have been working on a tatooine map for the past 5 months on my first computer. But at the time I hadn't thought about putting it on Jedi Outcast.
I bought a new computer and...well to make a long story short, bad stuff happened.

Now I am ready to pass my map out to the rest of you SW fans but only problem is that I dont kno how to convert my map from 3d Studio Max to .what ever the filename extension is. Isn't it like .bsp or something? Anyways Any good mapper...HELL ..ANY mapper at all please give me info on how to do this.


My map. I thought I'd tell some of you about it. Hehe.
It's very big. Probably wouldn't like it unless you had the max amount of players on, whch I believe is 36? its been about three months since my gaming computer last worked so thats when I last played JO.

Anyways I watch Episode 4 just about 57 time (yes I counted) to draw sketches of the actually tatooine buildings in the movie and then drew them up on 3ds Max.

Anyways, Im thinking of realeasing the huge one just as a beta to see if people like the textures and buildings. Then I will cut off the map, add some landspeeders and those huge animal things (Dewbacks) and do some other cool stuff, and make an official FFA map.

I am Currently working on a Jawa Sandcrawler Level and im almost done with that. I hope you guys will enjoy this. If it is possible to convert from 3d Studio Max.

Thanks to All Who Helped!!


09-29-2002, 12:41 PM
Here are two screen shots I JUST put up. Please tell me what you think about the textures. That way I can get fixed before it goes out.


The map is much bigger then what it may seem. I couldn't take too many screenshots because it would show off the cool stuff and give away the rest of the map.

09-29-2002, 01:07 PM
the map is looking great, im making a tatooinemap myself :)

on the textures, the groundtexture seems a little "hard", it would be better if you used a more "softer" texture, otherwise looking good! Maybe the housetextures are just a LITTLE to brown, make em a little brighter.

-Buck out :duel:

09-29-2002, 01:35 PM
Yes, after I posted those I got to looking at them and noticed that. I've been playing around with the lights to see if I can avoid having to Re-texture everything.

I got the buildings a lot lighter now. Like in the movies. But now the sand is 'glowing' from the intense light. This might 'look' more real, but after a few minuets of gameplay I don't know if it would become anoying or not.

I will post mmore screenshots by today after I figure this out. I also added a few speeder bikes into the scene and a Sandcrawler that you can actually walk into. (I figured the map needed a little interior space as well.)

Ill check back later. Thanks for the input.

09-29-2002, 04:45 PM
New Screen Shots are up.

Does anybody even have a clue to my question in the first post.

Anyways. I fixed a few things and I am still working on the sky.
The lights I put in it are really de-coloring it for some reason. Oh I just realized why. HAHA. Well I'm gonna go fix that real quick.

Probably won't have any more screenshots until the map comes out (whenever I find out how).

09-30-2002, 10:34 AM
Did you say you made the entire thing in 3dsmax? :eek:

If so you may be dissapointed in what I have to say... map making in JO is done essentially the same way as Quake III Arena, SoF2, and a few others, with a program called Radiant. 3dsmax is used for *models* and other types of things that would be too complicated to build in Radiant. If you have the entire map built in Max... i'm not sure of the exporting limits, or how big models can be in Radiant, but it'd be a model. You'd still have to get Radiant to make it a map. There's no way to make it a .bsp from Max in one step.
Best case scenario would be that you could make the entire thing into a model, and import it into a blank map in Radiant (where you could use a sky shader so it's much easier to make a sky). The problem with that is that models in Radiant are intangible (i.e. - you can walk right thru them) so you'd have to use clip brushes on EVERY surface that you wanted to be solid... would take a VERY LONG time.

Sorry to burst your bubble on this, but it looks like your months of hard work were mostly in vain because you were misinformed of how to create maps for JO. :(
Best of luck in future endeavors... the screenshots looked promising and very nice.